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If you were at an event that Carly & I photographed, it usually takes about 2 to 3 business days to get through all the images and have them uploaded to the site. So, an Event that ends sometime on Saturday should have images on line usually by Tuesday or Wednesday. They won’t be up, ready, or available later Saturday night or Sunday. A Thursday night concert usually has the images available by the following Sunday or Monday, depending on what else we have scheduled.

Unless it was a private shoot, you can look under ~ MOST RECENTLY ADDED IMAGES ~ This link will display all ‘public’ images – regardless of category – that have been RECENTLY uploaded to the site.  Understand, just because SOME images (folders) are showing up there, the uploading of images often takes many hours… and might require a ‘refresh’ (or reload) until all the images are uploaded.

It’s important to understand that some areas will still require ‘login’ (your name & a valid email address)… (like the Contest & Youth Events folders). This allows you to SAVE your favorites, share galleries and images to your facebook page, save potential orders, and open your ‘personal favorite selections’ on multiple devices; such as your computer(s), phone, tablet, etc. with your login. And the forced login helps keep search engines, and those that shouldn’t be in those areas, out.

Once you select a gallery, it will open in a new window. Simply click on the photo to enter that gallery (Titles are under each image folder, naming the contents of that folder – use the back button on your browser to back up).


~ Go directly to the Photos

~ Concerts ~ including artists, Meet & Greets, crowd, and people at show. Each of the artists have their own folder. The ‘artists’ images are usually found in either TOP (Shots) or OTHER (shots), any ‘Meet & Greet’ (and people there, where ever the image(s) were taken at the event) are separated into other folders. Images are usually processed (and posted) within 2 to 5 days from the shoot. If you’re one of the artists, add me on facebook… let me know WHO you are, and I’ll send you a couple web ready images for your personal use.

~ Contests (over 18) ~ Best Dressed, Swim Suit, Short Shorts, Halloween, etc. at assorted venues exist in this gallery. Images in this section are NOT available for third party commercial or editorial license, except for the venue and sponsors, or individual contestants, without MY prior written approval. Personal Use ONLY! PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST 1 to 3 days FOR ME TO PROCESS THE IMAGES after the shoot.

NOTE: Commercial use OF PEOPLE images is limited! Under no circumstances are product endorsements authorized without express written permission of ‘TerryMercer.com’ and some images might require additional permissions (depending on who, what, where, when, how, and so forth).

~ PUBLIC EVENTS ~ NOT Concerts or Contests ~ like Agape Outreach Homes, Ole Smoky Moonshine’s Festival – Jeff & Mark from the Moonshiners participated in the first annual ‘Moonshine Run’ – Parades – Fireworks – etc.

~ Youth Events ~ like Friendly Farm, Little League, Swim Meets, etc.

~ Portraiture ~ individuals, couples, family… studio & outdoors. NOT BAND (or musician) SHOOTS ~ Everything posted there is G-rated (what could normally be seen in public). if you are interested in a shot – public or private, let us know what you have in mind, and where you’d like to shoot, style & type of outfits you have in mind, and purpose of the images. Shoots start at $250 for a mini session, $500 for a full session, (plus travel, props, and print costs)… discounts may be available, depending on flexibility of schedule and other factors. Contact us if you’re interested for you, your significant other, children, or family. Special edits may add to the post-processing costs. NO ONE UNDER 18 will be photographed or videoed without a parent or guardian PRESENT FOR THE SHOOT! Discretion is important to us, and our business. Proofs past G/PG rated are private, and any Portrait/private person work can be kept private. Private images are viewable with a personal link ONLY, visible to the client (and only whoever they choose to share the link with).

~ List of all the Galleries, Categories, and Top Level Sections ~
(including examples of ‘Sports Action’ and ‘Nature’ images)

Browse to your heart’s content, but please purchase what you like, rather than just taking it.

For my videos – my YouTube Channel (current Channel for 2014 to present videos)

This slide show contains some of my personal favorites:

If you can’t find what you are looking for easily, and you know I shot it, send me a message – tell me what, where, and when… and I can usually find the correct link for you pretty quickly, especially if you’re contacting me within the first couple weeks of a shoot; months later may take more time. Understand, everything is archived to a completely different hard drive, and off my computer, off-site, after about two weeks after the shoot. So if you want changes to an image after that, it will take some time to find it… and may incur a small charge, depending on your order (print size, quantity, edits, and reason).

All of the photos are offered for sale for PERSONAL USE, most containing people will have limited availability for COMMERCIAL USE. Most are available, depending on where, when, purpose, and circulation for Editorial USE. There are a varieties of choices, from downloads, to prints, calendars, photo books, albums, posters, canvas and other even novelty items like ‘sports cards’ and collages. You can even have a photo put on greeting cards, key chains, books, mugs, blankets, etc.  Let me know what you want…

If you don’t see what you want (or need) ASK! Odds are it can be done…

Once you enter a gallery: Each ‘image’ is a folders (sub-gallery), until you get to the bottom level – where JUST IMAGES are displayed. I’ve purposefully allowed the ‘image name’ to be displayed (at the bottom of the images in gallery view, and on computers it’s easy… on ‘phones’ and tablets, it’s usually an overlay at the top or bottom of the images, or on a side slider… depending on your phone/tablet).

If you are logged in, your login name will appear in the upper right. Clicking the ‘heart’ adds to ‘my selection’ (upper left, and you can have multiple ‘selection’ options, by ‘creating a new’ (selection list). That is usually faster & easier for us both, and allows you to more easily compare the images, as some times there are 2 or 3 images that are close to the same, but taken seconds apart.

This site contains nearly 200,000 images, with more being added weekly. The average concert or event will produce 600 to 1500+ images, so please understand why I don’t usually ‘remember’ names, or often what, where, or such. It takes a great deal of time to ‘sort,’ ‘rate’ – and tweak (crop, sharpen) each of the images, plus there is the down load to the computer and upload to the web site time… it’s all very time consuming; which is why images usually take 2 to 3 business days to process before they are made available. (Honestly, even if I’ve seen you a dozen times, and recognize your face, odds are I might not remember your name… sorry, it’s nothing personal… and probably just my old age, but any given event, I might meet 200+ people, and see a few thousand.) Please don’t feel offended.

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