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If you were at an event we photographed, any Meet & Greet images will usually be uploaded first. Usually within 72 hours, although it sometimes takes a few days to get images uploaded, depending on how busy we are. GreenScreen images often take an extra day or two. Custom backgrounds (and wording) are usually available, upon request, depending on what is wanted.

Understand: the average event takes about 5 hours for every hour of shooting time AFTER the event: to download images from cameras, rating, sorting, cropping, basic edits, etc…  then to export to jpg, and upload to the website.

Think about it: if it takes just 30 seconds to ‘process’ an image from start to finish, and 2,000 images were shot at an event, that’s nearly 17 hours of work AFTER THE EVENT. (Thankfully, we usually shoot better than average, and our post processing routine is usually faster and better than most).

Unless it was a private shoot, you can look under ~ MOST RECENTLY ADDED IMAGES ~ This link will display all ‘public’ images – regardless of category – that have been RECENTLY uploaded to the site.  Just because SOME images (folders) are showing up there, the actual uploading of images often takes many hours… so, if the photos were taken within the last 4 days, you might need to ‘refresh’ (or reload) ON YOUR COMPUTER (or browser) until all the images are done uploading (on our web site).

Once you select a gallery, it will open in a new window… it will display any folders inside related to that gallery. Simply click on the thumbnail photo to enter that gallery (Titles are under each image folder, naming the contents of that folder – use the back button on your browser to go back to a previous gallery choice).

Creating a login allows you to SAVE your favorites, and view them on multiple devices; such as your computer(s), phone, tablet, etc. when you log in.

~ Concerts ~

Each of the ‘named artists’ has their own folder. ‘Meet & Greet’ (and people there, where ever the image(s) were taken at the event) are separated into their own folder. Images are usually processed (and posted) within 1 to 5 days from the shoot.

NOTE: If you’re one of the ARTISTS or IN THE BAND, add me on Facebook – (tell me WHO YOU ARE) and I’ll send you a couple web ready images for your personal use. The watermark stays on free images. (I’ve added a couple ‘BandMembers’ options for all web-commercial use, except merchandising, that is really cheap and does NOT include any watermark… though photo credits are still necessary for the cheaper images).

This slide show contains some of my personal favorites (including examples of ‘Sports Action’ and ‘Nature’ images):

If you can’t find an image, and you know we shot it, send us a message – tell us what you’re wearing, basic descrpition, where it was taken, and when… seriously, your description (clothing, identifying marks or tattoos, glasses, hat, person(s) with you, identifying things: tall, short, long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair, black, blonde, brown hair, bald, etc. are all important). You know what you look like, remember WE DO NOT… Let us know which event, and we can usually find the correct link for you pretty quickly, or at least steer you in the right direction.

All of the photos are offered for sale for PERSONAL USE. Most are available for Editorial & Journalistic USE. If you are NOT IN the image, and want to use an image commercially, communicate WITH ME FIRST; and let me know where & how you wish to use the image… and quantity you’re planning to produce. If you don’t see what you want (or need) ASK!

NOTE: Commercial use OF PEOPLE images is limited! Under no circumstances are product endorsements authorized without express written permission of ‘TerryMercer.com’ and some images might require additional permissions (depending on who, what, where, when, how, and so forth).

~ Portraiture ~ individuals, couples, family… studio & outdoors. If you are interested in a shot – public or private, let us know what you have in mind, and where you’d like to shoot, style & type of outfits you have in mind, and purpose of the images. NO ONE UNDER 18 will be photographed or videoed without a parent or guardian PRESENT FOR THE SHOOT!

Local Shoots start at a Session Price of
$150 for a mini session,
$250 for a full session
~ multiple outfits, props, and/or locations ~
(plus travel, props, and print costs)…
discounts may be available.

~ List of all the Galleries, Categories, and Top Level Sections ~

This site contains nearly a million images, (Yes, 1,000,000) with more being added weekly. The average concert or event will produce 600 to 2500+ new images, so please understand why I don’t often ‘remember’ names, or stuff. (Honestly, even if I’ve seen you a dozen times, and recognize your face, odds are I might not remember your name… it’s nothing personal… and probably just my old age, but any given event, I might meet 200+ people, and often see a few thousand.) Please don’t feel offended.

Please feel free to ‘Like’ – ‘Tag’ – ‘Share’ (but not steal) my images:

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