So, the quandary is: they want ‘free’ photos… and I don’t think I should work for free.  I’m willing to ‘gamble’ that I’ll have better images than most any phone or camera will produce, because I pay attention to the settings, background, angles, eyes, etc. and will capture images people will want to purchase. I’ve shot a few thousand M&G images over the years, so I have a clue of how to do it right & quickly. Sadly, it’s been quite the debate and challenge, at a couple of the venues, because of a couple DJ’s (non-Q) and an ‘artist agent/manager’ seemed to believe ‘someone’ (other than them) was paying me to ‘do the shoot’ (but they didn’t want to pay me)…  they just wanted to complain that I wasn’t ‘giving away’ images to everyone, go figure).


When I charge (a venue or business), because they want the fans to ‘get the images for free’
I quote the following options: (for meet & greets), anticipating 25 to 100+ people ‘coming through:

$250 ~ I supply a ‘code’ for the customer to download 1 webready image, their choice & crop selection;

$500 ~ Code allows for up to 5 images per customer to download, their choice & crop selection. 

$1200 ~ multiple parties ‘want’ (get) the imageS, without any personal restrictions or commercial limits (other than merchandising rights, are retained)… understand, a SINGLE IMAGE used on an EP or merchandised usually starts at $500 + .02 cents per production. So, it’s entirely possible for the right artist, with the right people ‘there’ (in the image with them), to have more than one quite valuable and reproducible image, which I never see another penny for. I figure if they are pre-paying, they deserve MY BEST, and the opportunity to benefit from their pre-payment gamble (and trust) that I’ll do a good to great job, more often than not.

When I don’t ‘get paid’ to shoot meet & greets, I gamble on MYSELF, charging those (fans or artist/label) that want select images a modest fee, to justify my time, equipment, experience, and effort in post processing:

For personal use (for example):
$2 to 5 per web ready downloads (for social media), (usually 5.00)
$7.50 to 15.00 per print ready (up to 8×10), (usually 12.50)
$20 for an actual 8×10 print.

However, a couple ‘business’ people seem to have the ‘feeling’ the fans (and artist) should get the images FOR FREE. I explained that I generally and usually do NOT ‘get paid’ to shoot or process any of the M&G images, UNLESS I sell downloads or prints to the fans (or artist/label).

I try to be reasonable…

Now, here is the kicker… and another option for the venue/radio station/artist:

I will automatically discount which ever ‘price’ by 50% off IF THEY PROMOTE MY SPONSOR ( or, their choice) ON THEIR WEB SITE (under sponsors, and where-ever other sponsors are listed), AND on their facebook page, as a ‘thank you to’ or ‘courtesy of’ (MY sponsor’s website link).

And if they have my sponsor LISTED as a show sponsor (ON THEIR WEBSITE) AND in the pre-show advertising, and images ‘courtesy of’ (when used) – I WILL GIVE THEM AT LEAST ONE EACH OF THE M&G IMAGES, and a couple of the best artist images, AT NO CHARGE… and go out of my way to work with them. Whether it directly helps me or not, because it helps justify MY SPONSOR’S investment in my efforts.

So, there are options… and they don’t all cost money, but do require a commitment & some integrity.

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