So, You Want To Be A Professional Photographer?

Every once in a while, someone approaches me saying that THEY WANT TO BECOME A PHOTOGRAPHER… and while I’m happy they see an interest, a desire & passion to get behind a camera… and hope they learn ‘the exposure triangle’ … Continue reading

Different PHOTO HOSTING Sites

One of the toughest things any photographer – amateur or professional – has to do is figure out whether to post their images on line or not. We already know that anything that can be seen on a computer, CAN … Continue reading

Sensor Size – Why It’s Important and What It Means to Your Photos

Something MOST PEOPLE never think about, or even have awareness of, when making purchasing decisions. Many long time ‘photographers’ don’t even really understand all the ways sensor size can effect a photograph (positive or negative)… or fail to give it … Continue reading

Talk About JPG vs RAW (for Image Capturing)

When a photographer says they shoot in RAW… believe it or not, they still have their clothes on! Really, it’s a file format, more specifically… a RAW UNCOMPRESSED FORMAT, straight from the sensor. There is a lot of talk about … Continue reading

There are Only Three Types of Shots

I was thinking, in reality there are only three types of shots: 1) Staged – you planned the shot, placed or posed the subject, and thought about how it would look before you pressed the shutter. 2) Happenstance – you … Continue reading

Exposure Control (Bracketing)

“The ‘exposure triangle’ is not a ménage à trois of exhibitionists… but it is the ‘photography lingo’ describing the direct and absolute intersect relationship between: shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.”   So, you have an important shot… big money … Continue reading

Lens Flares – How to Deal With Them

What are lens flares? It usually shows up as yellow-orange-blue streaks or geometrically shaped spots, or could even be an overall haze in a portion of the photo that actually reduces contrast, saturation, and masks details in the subject. What … Continue reading

Selecting a Photographer

These days virtually anyone can pick up a camera, you probably have more than one yourself. Some people will get lucky, and have some good captures, and unique photos once in a while. However, few will have re-creatable skills, and … Continue reading