If you haven’t yet done so, PLEASE click here to REGISTER that will allow you to do a variety of things (save, mark, tag, comment, purchase, etc.). I can’t seen the password you choose, so make it something you’ll remember… and if you plan to share it with family & friends, so they can see the images you’ve selected, I suggest you make sure it’s different than your usual password(s) for your email and facebook.

Next, select a gallery (i.e., Concerts, Contests, etc.)… click on the top level folder, then enter the sub-folders as you see fit. Use your back button (on your browser menu) to go back any time, or select the “My Photographs” from the top of my page to jump to another category.

If the ‘folder’ picture box above the performer (or folder) name is grey or blank, it means photos are still uploading. If an image is displayed there, then at least the ‘Top Shots’ and ‘People’ images have been uploaded (or are in-process).

With most concerts & events, the newest are on top – in front, after a couple weeks, then they are sorted into alphabetical order. The concerts page has a ‘marker’ image, the newest stuff is before that blank folder, the older stuff after it (in alphabetical order by first name or group name usually).

When I shoot the same artist (or event), the newest will be sorted into that ‘master folder,’ and moved to the top of the ‘main’ section/category page – for about 14- 30 days, then it will be re-merged alphabetically into the list following the marker. If you were photographed with any performer, your images would be in the ‘meet & greet’ (if there was one), ‘people’ (if after the show, open to everyone), or ‘other’ folder under that performers name.

For example: the Big & Rich concert also had Cowboy Troy, and DJ Sinister there. Each has their own folder. if you were photographed with Big & Rich, and/or with just Cowboy Troy… you would have images in BOTH THEIR FOLDERS (as appropriate). If you were photographed just at the concert, on the floor, at the table, outside, etc your image would most likely be in the ‘people’ or ‘other’ folder under THE HEADLINER (Big & Rich, in this example).

If you have any questions or suggestions, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.  Donations, purchases, and pre-payments are welcome. You can make them directly to my Paypal@Helpus.com account… if you are purchasing or making a deposit, please let me know in the ‘note’ section of the payment.

If you are donating, just because: THANK YOU! It will help go to more equipment & shoots, either directly or indirectly.

If you want to PAY me directly… deposits, time, shoot fees, purchases, etc. you can use paypal, my verified address is: paypal@helpus.com
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