There are Only Three Types of Shots

I was thinking, in reality there are only three types of shots:

1) Stagedyou planned the shot, placed or posed the subject, and thought about how it would look before you pressed the shutter.

2) Happenstance – you stumbled upon a scene or subject, and happened to have a camera there to snap the shot.

3) Scouted (Practiced) – sports action, event, and controlled chaos. These are the shots that you have SOME idea of where & how, but ultimately are subject to having NO CONTROL, other than your camera settings, your own position & placement, and HOPE that what you think will happen, will happen when, where, and how you think it should.

Can anyone think of any other type of ‘shot’??

Oh, there is post-creative, but that can happen with any of the shots.

There is computer created, but that also has little to do with the shot, more to do with the graphic artist, software, and ability.

All three types of ‘shots’ can be taken, with practice, thought, and prior planning… with just about any type of camera. IF the lighting it there, and IF you compensate for what ever the particular camera you are holding’s limitations are… odds are you can learn to get the shot.

There are some amazing shots taken with camera phones… there are some absolutely terrible shots taken with $50,000 Hasselblad’s. While glass it probably one of the most important factors, understanding and selecting the right equipment for the purpose, makes things better, easier, and faster. Ultimately the photographers understanding of the equipments abilities & limitations are what makes all the difference. The angles, lighting, and other things THEY CAN CONTROL in the shoot are secondary to knowing the equipment.

Best of luck, practice brings skill, digital offers cheap clicks… and

Remember, life is like photography, nothing unless develops correctly!

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