Wedding Tip #11 – Flowers

Prior planning promotes pretty pedals.

Here are some of “The Most Common Wedding Flower Mistakes that are Easily Avoidable.” I’m sure there are more suggestions, but these are a pretty solid start.

1) The BIG PICTURE… as difficult as it seems, try to visualize everything, WITH THE GUESTS THERE. If you have a scenic location with a view you love, try to avoid a massive centerpiece that obstructs the view, or requires your guests to be more careful than usual. At the same point, no view… COVER IT UP, but don’t allow it to cover you (or your significant other) up!

2) RE-CYCLE, re-cycle, re-cycle… if you & your floral persons plans it right, those aisle flowers can be reshaped into centerpieces, while you are getting ready for the reception, and/or moved to the buffet table. The average ceremony only lasts about an hour or so, and it’s a shame to waste all those ceremony flowers, and spending even more money on flowers for the reception.

3) Budgeting… figure out who your vendors are, what you want & need, and what things cost. You might have family members (or friends) that are willing to help with ribbons, placements, and planning… but a florist can save you time, stress, and potential arguments with those you love. So, select wisely.

4) SEASONALITY… remember some flowers are more common and less expensive during certain times of the year. In some areas, having flowers shipped in are your only option.

5) Types & colors… knowing what you like is important, knowing what you don’t like AND what people might be allergic to is also vital.

6) Color Co-ordination is NOT matching colors, but CONTRASTING & complimenting them. You will want your flowers to show up in photos, not be lost in the dresses or clothing. So be aware of what colors will compliment and show up with the bride, groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen standing near them. Remember, YOU ARE IN CONTROL… it’s your day, so these tips help your planning.

7) Allergies, scents, and complimenting smells. Remember, the more guests you have, the more likelihood you’ll have people with allergies, and people that smell things differently. Having flowers with strong & over-whelming smells isn’t advised.

8) DIY (Do It Yourself) – DO NOT DO IT! Seriously, unless you are an insomniac control freak, either hire it done or delegate it to someone you can trust. You have enough going on without the additional stress of tying ribbons, cutting stems, plucking peddals, and caring for the flowers.

9) FAKE FLOWERS – there are some amazing looking silk, cloth, and fake flowers these days. Some a person has to touch to maybe tell, and they are savable, reusable, and potentially about the same price range. This eliminates all allergy issues, and ‘scent’ can be added, and some real flowers even mixed in. So, if you don’t live in Hawaii, but love a Bird of Paradise or the fragile Orchid, going fake for some of those might save you piles of money, stress, and give you (and your family & friends) something to enjoy, use, and appreciate after the fact.

10) Size of bouquet… consider that you’ll be holding it, getting pictures with it, and throwing it. You don’t want too big, or too heavy… unless you are hiding, or want to hurt the persons you’ll be throwing the bouquet to. So THINK ABOUT IT before that special day!

If you can think of anything else that we should include in this section in the future, research or answer… PLEASE LET US KNOW!

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