Wedding Tips #13 – Food

Food & Buffets… whether catered or serve yourself… PREPARE, PLAN, and PREVENT PUKE! Seriously, E. Coli, Salmonella, Food Poisoning, and those type of problems can be prevented.

There are safety issues, and cooling requirements, for certain foods and condiments. KNOW what they are, and accept that some things will need to be kept cold, and some items will need to be kept hot (above 120 degrees, some foods require a 140 degree minimum temperature), if they are sitting for more than about an hour (indoors or out).

Foods transported in vehicles have the clock often accelerated, depending on temperature, ventilation, and yes, bugs. No one wants to spend the night on the toilet, a bucket, or in the hospital. Ice chests can help keep things cold… and if you put heat packs or a container of hot water in an ice chest, it can also help retain the heat during transportation. (As well as help save your food in the event of a sudden stop or turn during the trip).

Also, CONSIDER ALLERGIES! Food allergies are more common than many of us would think. Ask your guests when they RSVP, are: Milk/egg products, nuts, strawberries, tomatoes, msg… or other things… something they are allergic to? This allows you plan around that, or at least clearly mark those things people should avoid. Know that guests with blood pressure issues try to avoid sodium, so have it on the side for those that can use it. Most professional caterers already know and think about these things. They have hot & cold serving trays… they know the dangers of leaving some foods out for too long.

Prior planning will most definitely make a happier & fonder remembered wedding.

Hydration… especially important in hot weather and under the sun. Different people have different tolerances. Make sure you have plenty of drink options for your guests. Bottles of water, tea (sweet & unsweetened), lemonade, maybe even soda. Stay clear of HOT drinks (like coffee) in crowds, no one wants to get bumped into and burnt.  The more heat, the more need for cool (not always ice cold) drinks; as ice cold actually promotes heat exhaustion. Watch the heat index, and consider shading your guests.

Save the alcohol until the reception, and AFTER the wedding ceremony. You really don’t want to deal with a drunk mouthing off or acting goofy during the vows, or when the preacher asks if anyone objects. Seriously, many weddings have become epic historical stories for decades, just because of a drunk relative, friend, or ex.

Have I said “PRIOR PLANNING”??? Enough… but really, most common issues & problems can be avoided.

I hope the accumulation of these tips will help you plan for a better day, and around the common problems that can make your special day less than perfect.

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