Odds are you received one of the business cards, you found a link, or you were referred by a friend or past client. Regardless, WELCOME and Enjoy!

We are Terry & Carly Mercer, and live in the Louisville/Maryville, TN area... that's EAST TENNESSEE, near the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains for most folks; and about 3 hours from just about anything & everything, except our family & the ocean (both we miss), but in general love it here.

We know cameras, photography... still & video, and a variety of other things. When we are behind a camera, our goal is to capture the Awe, Wow, Ow!, Unique, Intense, Extreme, and Holy Crap... stopping motion, making memories, capturing emotion, sparking motivation, and/or celebrating life! We each shot Sports Action and Concerts for many years.

Maybe you recently were handed one of the cards when we were 'out and about' thrifting, going to estate sales, or shopping; we figured it was easier to hand out one of the 'old photography cards' than 'writing down' our phone number or email address. Hopefully you'll find something that makes you smile, think, or just enjoy. If you're wanting to get ahold of us, you already have our phone number & email (on the card).

Who we are:

Terry Mercer - By day, CEO of MD's Choice, Inc. (aka, VetSupplements.com) is a science based nutritional supplement company, founded in 1995, specializing in Vitamins, Minerals, and NUTRIENTS that CAN actually help the body - particularly joint, digestion, and general health - without the negative side effects and issues often associated with 'drugs' or herbal stuff). Also a website developer (only a few dozen active sites at this time), semi-retired computer geek (was a hardware technician and software designer/trouble shooter, specializing in problem solving and technical support reduction for more than twenty years), and nearly forty years a Still Photographer nights & weekends (semi-professional the last quarter of a century, mostly sports action, live concerts, nature in motion, and commercial products; adding video to the mix in 2010).

Carly Mercer - An Airforce Still Photographer, doing 'shake & grins' (promotions), basketball games, occasional weddings, and a few years of concerts & nature with Terry. Carly was also a licensed Commercial Building Contractor for part of her life, as well as a Commercial Property Manager, and (many years ago) worked for a time in the CID (Criminal Investigations Division) of the IRS (thankful she wasn't there long). She plays the piano &  paints. She's creative, analytical, and goal oriented. 

We are both PADI certified SCUBA divers, and in our 60+ years on earth have a variety of travels and experiences. However, after a couple unexpected injuries we each suffered, and seeing what was happening with the 'retirement' neither of us really had, because decades of self-employment, ex's, and an ever growing government. We became focused continuing to supply our customers with MD's Choice (VetSupplements.com), maintenance of a few  website customers, and decided to become a 'much of the time' eBay Reseller in 2021. 

Terry & Carly Mercer
Team Mercer

Carly & Terry

Terry & Carly

Terry Mercer

Carly Mercer

Carly Mercer

Birds In America

Terry & Carly Photo Shoot

About Us

We both started in photography as children; quickly falling in love with the creative medium and ability to 'stop time' and 'capture the unique, beautiful, wonderful... happy moments & fulfilling memories.' 

We particularly love challenging shoots, which the average person isn't going to capture well, consistently, or as often as WE CAN & ACTUALLY DO!  

WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and HOW MUCH (dollars) will impact our decisions and choices as to WHICH projects we *might* choose to take on and agree to.

Different projects require a different amount of prep time (odds are we have the gear for just about any shoot - just have to charge the batteries, prepare the storage devices, and deal with the lighting & background aspects. 

(NOTE: we DO NOT usually or often shoot weddings ~ but will consider it, IF things seem right - our time and expenses  are covered, portal to portal, including post processing time). Base price is $3500 for a wedding shoot, plus travel expenses if more than 30 miles from Louisville, Tennessee. 

As 'the house photographer' at Cotton Eye Joe for nearly 8 years, and the regular camera guy at a few other music venues, such as Two Doors Down, Smoky Mountain Harley, and often traveling to the heart of 'country music' - in Nashville Tennessee at Bridgestone Arena & Antique Archaeology for shoots, we were getting a bit burned out.

It was constantly charging batteries, processing photos, and a new gig every couple days. Then, two key venues changed ownership, the owner at another sadly passed away unexpectedly; so, after much thought, discussion, and soul searching we decided to cease pushing for the music photography, unless it was financially worthwhile. This decision was made easier, since we are both in our 60's, Carly was recovering from knee & shoulder surgery from a fall with her heavy camera pack on in 2020, and the world was going crazy, with three of the venues we used to regularly shoot 'Meet & Greets' and celebrities at either closed down or changed ownership, so we took it AS 'HERE'S YOUR SIGN.

The monthly cost of the image 'store' didn't make sense, particularly when we weren't really able to shoot the things that really made us money. So, when they jacked up the cost, we closed our online photo store down (but kept most of our website domain(s) ~ some of which we will be selling).

We purposefully took all the sports action & concert photography down; which was literally millions of images over the years. We did this actually before the closures started, events were put on cancelations, concerts on hold, and the places that were open were afraid to advertise they were open and not living in fear.

At the same point, it didn't make sense to 'hand out' a business card with our name, phone number, and no website. So... here it is... hope you find something that makes you smile, or sparks some positive emotions. 

"IT DEPENDS" or 'We'll consider it' should be the deal here. 

 Things we CAN DO:
Concert/Event Photography

We LOVE photographing live shows, band portfolio shots, EP/ALBUM cover images, web images... and MEET & GREETS! 

Sports Action Photography

Equine (Eventing, Hunter/Jumper, Racing, Rodeo, etc)., Basketball, Track & Field, Dance, Skating, Swimming, MOTION & ACTION are our specialty

Family (Human & Animal)

Head shots, Babies, Kids, Parents, Couples, Senior Photos, modeling or acting portfolios, pet photos, etc. ... we do NOT usually sign up to 'shoot weddings' unless we know you (the money makes sense, and we believe we can likely meet or exceed expectations)

Jeff Joplin

an amazing musician here in East Tennessee, wrote a song about Ole Smoky Moonshine: 

Still have questions? Ask us

Bret Michaels ~ "Nothing but a Good Time"

Having photographed the Bret Michael's Band many times, it was pretty cool when we were asked to shoot the quick video of Bret Michael (from Poison) singing with Krisha Brooks, the DJ from Q Country 100.3 FM

Still have questions? Ask us
MUSIC/CONCERTS - we photographed well over 1,000 different artists & celebrities over 7 years, 1 to 4 times a week, 51 weeks a year, mostly Knoxville & Nashville!  (If you are an artist we've photographed, and your name is not on the list below - PLEASE LET US KNOW, we'll add you - and apologize, but there were just so many). 
CONCERTS - MEET & GREET with the artist,  duet, and sometimes the band or group prior to the show; interviews, and the show. Some we've photographed are:

3 Doors Down
4 Bolt Main
A Thousand Horses
Aaron Kirby and Tennessee Jam Band
Aaron Lewis
Aaron Tracy
Aaron Watson
Adam Fears
Adam Sanders
Alison Krauss

Andy Buckner
Andy Griggs
Anthony "Salvestor" Franco
Antique Archaeology (Nashville Venue)
Arick Seal
Arron Tippin
As Girls Go
Avenue C
Bellamy Brothers
Ben Gallaher
Ben Haggard
Ben Probus
Ben Rue
Ben Stugell
Bezz Believe
Big & Rich
Big Smo
Billy Bob Thornton & The BoxMasters
Blackjack Billy
Blue Mafia
Brandy Clark
Brent Cobb
Bret Michaels
Brett Young
Brian Keith
Brother's Osborne
Bucky Covington
Burnin Hermans, The
Cadillac Three
CAM (Country)
Canaan Smith
Carly Pearce
Casey Donahew Band
Casey James
Cassadee Pope
Celtic Woman
Charles Esten (Decon TV Nashville)
Charlie Daniels Band
Charlie Farley
Chase Bryant
Chase Rice
Chelsea Nolan
Chris Bandi
Chris Cagle
Chris Hennessee
Chris Janson
Chris Lane
Chris Stapleton
Chris Young
Chuck Frederick
Chuck Wicks
CJ Solar
Clay Walker
Cliffy Dennison
Cody Goll
Cody Purvis
Cole Phillips
Cole Swindell
Cole Taylor
Collin Raye
Colt Ford
Colton James
Connor Christian & Southern Gothic
Cornfields & Crossroads
County Wide Band
Cowboy Troy
Craig Campbell
Craig Morgan
Dan & Shay

Dano Ott
Darryl Worley
Daryle Singletary
David Fanning
David Nail
David Wilson
Davidson Brother's
Dean Alexander (Bachelor)
Dee Jay Silver
Delbert McClinton
Demun Jones
Dillon Carmicheal
Dirk Weaver
Dixie Lee Damn It
DJ Hish
DJ Silver
DJ Sinister
Doug Frasure (drummer)
Drake White
Drew Baldridge
Dustin Collins
Dustin Lynch
Dylan Scott
Eli Young Band
Eric Paslay
Exit 60
Fairview Union
Firewater Junction
Frankie Ballard
Garth Brooks
Gary Jannaman
Ginny McAfee
Granger Smith (Earl Dibbles Jr.)
Greg Bates
Greylan James
Haden Carpenter
Haley Georgia
Hannah Dasher
Hard Target
Homer Hart
Hunter Phelps
Jailhouse Review
Jake Shear
James Dupre
Jameson Rodgers
Jamey Johnson
Jamie Lynn Spears (Britney's Sis)
Jana Kramer
Jarrod Neimann
Jason Duggins
Jason Ellis
Jason Kidd Peterson
Jason Stinnett Band
Jeff Foxworthy
Jeff Joplin Band
Jessat James
Jimmy Rose
Joe Lasher Jr.
Joe Nichols
Joey Hyde
John King
Johnathen Clayton
Jon Langston

Jon Pardi
Josh Abbott
Josh Thompson
Josh Turner
Josiah Atchley
Justin Adams
Justin Duncan
Kaitlyn Baker
Kaleb King
Kane Brown
Kenny Rogers
Kevin Costner
Kid Rock

Kimber Cleveland
Kingdom Heirs
Kristian Bush (from Sugarland)
Kristofer Bentley
Krooked Kreek
Kudzu,​ The Band
LACS,​ The
Larry the Cable Guy

Laura Bell Bundy
Leah Turner
Levi Hummon
Little Texas

Logan Brill
Love & Theft
Luc Nyhus
Luke Bryan

Luke Kaufman
Luke Pell
Lyndsey Highlander
Lynryd Skynryd
Maddie & Tae
Marcelo Bakos
Mark Chesnutt
Marshall Tucker Band
Mathew Hickey
Matt Stillwell
McKayla Reece
Megan Elizabeth
Megan Ruger
Michael Ray
Michael Tyler
Michael W Smith
Mocking Bird Sun
Montgomery Gentry
Moonshine Bandits
Morgan Wallen
Muscadine Bloodline

Neal McCoy
Ned LeDoux
New Busy, The
Old Dominion
Old Southern Moonshine Revival
Ole Opry
Parker McKay
Paul Curry
Paul Overstreet
Phil Vassar
Pino Squillace
Railers,​ The
Randy Houser
Randy Montana
Randy Travis
Reba McIntire
Rev Trotter
Revival (The)
Rick Brothers
Ricky Skaggs
Ricky Traywick
Rodney Adkins
Ross Coppley
Runaway June (John Wayne's Granddaughter's band)
Russell Dickerson (Bachelorette)
Sam Hunt
Sam Lewis
Sam Riggs
Sammy Arriaga
Scooter Brown Band
Scott Stevens
Scotty McCreery
Shane Owens
Shooter Jennings
Shuaggah Pies, The
Sister Hazel
SlimFest 2015, 2016, 2017
Smooth Groove
Southbound Band
Spencer Ted Bassett
Steve Rutledge and the Groove Evolution
Stephan Laplante
Struggle Jennings (Wyland's Grandson)
Sundy Best
Swon Brothers, The
Sydney Hutchko
Tanya Tucker
Tate Stevens
Temper Evans
Texas Tony & The Tornado Ramblers
The Daniel Lee Band
The Dirty Dougs
The Dixie Werewolves
The Royal Hound
Thomas Rhett
Tim Haines (drummer)
TJ Hodges
Todd O'Neill
Trace Adkins
Trace Cryus (Metro Station/Miley's Bro)
Tracy Goode
Tracy Lawrence
Travis Denning
Travis Marvin
Travis Rice
Travis Tritt
Trent Tomlinson
Tucker Beathard
Twang and Round Army
Tyler Blake Barham
Tyler Farr
Tyler Reeve
Uncle Kracker
Upchurch (Ryan)
Way Sneaky Eddie
Waymore Outlaws
Wes Rowland
Will 'Mo' Carter
William Michael Morgan
Wynonna Judd

Dwight Yoakam
Zach Dylon and D-Railed
Zach Lockwood 

Kevin Costner

Mr. Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner

Truly a star, and one of the nicest celebrities we've had the opportunity to meet. 

Billy Bob Thornton

Quick PSA for theDASfoundation - formerly a suicide awareness NPO program. Impromptu shoot, single take, at the end of his tour bus after one of his concerts here in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Less than 5 minutes of his time was taken up by 'the shot.' 

Still have questions? Ask us
Billy Bob Thornton

Mr. Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton

One of the nicest celebrities we've met and talked with, a few times


Some fun & challenging images: low light + fast motion, no flash
Doug Frasure
Doug Frasure

We love capturing MOTION and fractions of seconds!

Tim Haines
Tim Haines

One of the most fun & challenging images: low light + fast motion, no flash

Drummer in motion
Love the Beat!

How many sticks do you see? 

Tim Haines

Converting an captured image
to a piece of PEN & INK ART WORK

Tim Haines

Or an explosion of colors to join the incredible music

Tribute to Troy Gentry

Compiled a few of the concert images we captures of Montgomery Gentry the night of Troy's (T-Roy's) untimely passing. September 8th 2017 Troy Gentry's unexpected death was a sad day for the Country Music World, and a reminder that life is in fact far too short... and not guaranteed. 

We'd photographed a few of their very lively and colorful shows, and had last seen them just a couple weeks before the accident.  The song, used with permission, is by  Eddie Montgomery. 
Tribute to Troy Gentry

Frequently Asked Questions ~

In general, we CHOOSE WHO & WHERE we drag out our gear, and apply our craft behind the camera. 

If the artist/celebrity or their label, or the venue pays us for shooting the Meet & Greets, then they set the rules (and prices/deal with the fans). IF, however, they aren't paying us, we'll consider doing the Meet & Greet shoot, but will have a modest charge for digital images and/or PRINTS. 

UNLESS the artist or label is paying us the agreed upon amount for the shoot, with the terms clearly defined, all copyrights of the images BELONG TO US! While we do not wish to have anything other than top notch images distributed, the results of the camera work ARE OUR CRAFT! And we will not, and do not, sign any 'rights grab' or limiting access contracts! We aren't unreasonable, and prefer happy artists (management & label execs); but do not expect us to shoot for free or low cost AND sign some contact that limits our ability to profit from the work: effort, timing, experience, and investment(s) WE HAVE MADE! 

Sorry, NOPE! It's there, but to honestly DO OUR JOB, other than figuring out the TIMING of certain movements, we are FOCUSED on the changing lighting, the movement of the fans and artists on stage. If we start tapping our feet, swaying our body, or trying to sing along our work product wouldn't be very good! So, we usually wear EAR PLUGS; so we can FOCUS on the settings of our gear, the sets being played, and action happening. We are there to capture moments & memories, and generally do it very well, not listen to the music. 

Well, it can be, has been, and usually is. But over the years, there have been some serious experiences, and less that perfect times. We've been groped, puked on, had gear accidently broken & stolen; we've fallen, been rained on, had equipment malfunctions, threatened, and even stopped a few fights during some of the wilder concerts. But usually, IT IS FUN; and often we are lucky enough to communicate with many of the celebrities, artists, and band members before & after the shows.  Often they are used to 'being photographed' - and express WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR - wanting and needing, photography wise. Most hope for an amazing EMOTIONALLY SPARKING IMAGE that can become some marketing or advertising ART WORK, or POSTER, which can help further their career, notoriety (in the media), and/or reward their fan base. THAT IS OUR GOAL! 

Bret Micheals


This all depends on the TIME, Expectations, Copywrites, USE, post processing, and OUR expenses (travel, lodging, food, props, extra or special equipment, etc. especially if the shoot is out of the our local area). Prices START AT: 


Basic Headshots, Baby photos, quick kid photos:

YOU are meeting us within 15 minutes of OUR PLACE... near Louisville, TN or Maryville Tennessee. 

The actual shoot usually only  takes about 5 to 10 minutes; with the 'setup' (back ground, lighting, best location/angles scouting) usually happening prior to the shoot; and the post processing could take 15 minutes to many hours after the shoot, depending on the goal,  situation, and desired results. 

Some images lend themselves to some really cool & awesome 'after effects' - that can help turn the photograph into a piece of FINE ART. See Billy Bob & Kevin Costner's image examples below. 


Family/Engagement Shoot

Generally about 1 to 3 'outfits' - a few different 'options' at or around the general location, usually one of the local parks, or scenic areas of the customers choosing. Often about 1 to 2 hours of 'time' (travel & shooting) + post processing (after the shoot).

Let us know if we need to bring a portable changing room, green screen, or any particular props or goals are wanted. 

This type of shoot usually lasts for 30 to 60 minutes, sometimes a bit more. Post processing takes about 2 to 3 times as long as the shoot for the best results. 

There is usually two images of each individual, two of the 'whole group' - and one or two of any combination (mother _ child, father + child, mother & father, just children, boys vs girls, etc.). As long as people co-operate, these shoots can be fun, quick, easy, and result in some amazing captures and great memories. 


Meet & Greet

Something we ROCK AT! Having done literally hundreds of these over the years! 

Choose your back ground, drapes, curtains, or use our GREENSCREEN (let us know in advance, so we can bring it and any additional lighting). The green scree seriously allows the most amazing results! BUT, CAN take us the most time post processing afterwards. 

The base charge is for 20 to 100 people (individuals or sets) through the line, up to 1.5 hours of 'shot time;' more people (or time) will cost a bit more (estimate about $2-5 for each additional person).

We quickly capture 2 to 5 images per person/set usually 1 or 2 quick poses, 99.99% of the time with their EYES OPEN; as well as images of autographing. End results is usually 1 to 3 images of each person, couple, or group meeting the celebrity - WITH whomever they are 'meeting.'

Resulting images are usually made available within 1 to 3 business days. 

Big Smo

Big Smo

One of the many times we've photographed him, his Meet & Greets and shows.  

Assorted images from around America

Still have questions? Ask us


Let us know


Scenory Overload in America

Contact Us

Impressive Drum solo - AWESOME DRUMS!
Wipeout (Cover) by Dagon Uselton

Hummingbird IN FLIGHT
chased off by Wasp - SLOW MO 960 fps

We can also create 'doodle videos' - those time lapsed drawing videos. 

These can take us hours to days, depending on how complicated one wants and needs the message, the level of detail in the graphics, the sound options (licensed music vs voice over), and how long they want the video are all factors of the cost. But the end result can be quite interesting and cool, and long term cost-effective. 

Still have questions? Ask us
About Us

We are SEMI-RETIRED PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS... potentially willing to consider camera work. Contact us with the details of what you're wanting/needing, IF YOU are either a) in the Louisville/Maryville Tennessee area, or b) willing to PAY FOR OUR TRAVEL (portal to portal), shoot time, as well as the post processing it will be considered. Let us know your budget & expectations.  Last updated 2023-03-20