A Little About Carly & her Photography

Like Terry, I received my first ‘real’ camera about age 10.

I didn’t think much about photography when I was in high school or college, though I was doing some modeling during that time. Even running for Homecoming Queen, and Miss Clayborne (Texas). So I was in front of a camera quite a bit.

I enlisted in the US Air Force in 1981, and became the base photographer. That was my MOS (job). Nothing like spy planes, or PI stuff behind enemy lines. I shot head shots for promotions, base sporting events, and things to do with the base I was stationed at. We developed our own film, printed the images the old fashion way (in a dark room, with special paper and chemicals). It was interesting, and good experience, but not much opportunity for creativity.

After the Air Force, I married a photographer. He specialized in weddings and commercial stock images. I was often his second shooter, and sometimes shot events on my own. It seems like many lifetimes ago now, as I raised children, managed commercial property, became a licensed general contractor, then a widow.

In 2014, Terry Mercer. He photographed a variety of things, so we became friends and would go places to take pictures. I had this fancy camera, but remember I learned with film… and didn’t know anything about digital, so Terry started teaching me how to use my camera. A few months later the friendship caught fire. By fall of 2015 we were partners, mates… for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, happily ever after.

Here we are in 2017, shooting about 75 to 100 concerts and events a year, meet & greets whenever possible, and definitely keeping pretty busy.