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A high quality nutritional supplement company specializing in products that help the body treat the issue not the symptoms!

Terry personally uses (and feels significant benefit from) the Arthrosamine (joint supplement) and Complete Formula (general multi-vitamin/mineral complex). These product have EASILY given his body back 15 – 20 years of pain free movement by supplying PURE NUTRITION in the correct forms the body can readily put to use to promote healing and health.

Carly uses (and notices a huge difference) with the Arthrosamine, Complete Formula,  AND the Mag-Cal Plus (for bones & hormone levels).


Since MD’s Choice, Inc. started in 1998, we’ve tried to always maintain the best quality products, treat customers as we’d like to be treated and as ‘family.’ If we didn’t (don’t) honestly think our product can help, we tell people. If we know what might or can, we’ll tell them… even if we don’t sell that product or ingredient. But there are other big differences between MD’s Choice and most all other Nutritional Supplement Company’s:

a) NONE of the doctors that developed & formulated the products for MD’s Choice have ever drawn a salary from MD’s Choice. They did it to help improve & change the world… one body at a time… and to reduce the costs of product through their own practices, personal & family use. Education & quality have always been their biggest goal.

b) The MSRP (retail price) and whole sale price of out primary products (joint & digestion) haven’t changed since 1998, though our costs have fluctuated. Nor has the quality or quantity been reduced to maintain those 1998 prices.

c) There really is no better oral supplements on the market. Our products don’t don’t use ‘herbs’ – ‘pain killers’ – masking agents – or pain blockers. If you ‘need’ any of those, use separately as needed. Our products are designed by doctors to help supply the nutrients the body needs to promote healing, in forms the body can use.

d) Over the years, our products have been used in combination with a wide variety of other medications, treatments, and therapies. We use these products ourselves, our family and friends use the products, our pets use the products. We have nearly two decades of experience with these products, and they are backed by over 50 years of science. But, probably one of the biggest advantages:

e) we put our money where our mouth is… not with some nonsense 30-day or 1 bottle guarantee, because ‘pure nutrition’ doesn’t often work that fast (only masking agents & pain killers/blockers can… which don’t ‘heal’ or ‘help’ anything)… Our RESULTS BASED GUARANTEE (Since 1998) is for 3 bottles – average 16 to 24 weeks. You either physically feel the improvement and healing, or you get your money back.

What’s not to like? Do you want to ‘feel’ better? Climb those stairs easier? Get up & down easier? Have better health, in positive ways that promote your body to optimize healing & health? If you have joint or digestive issues, you really should check out MD’s Choice – joint, digestion, bone, and ‘complete formula’ products. They are absolutely the best oral supplements available.

We look forward to serving you… and helping you improve your health, pursuit of happiness, and longevity.

Those that mention TMPHOTOS can get a discount on an order (new or existing customer), limited to orders placed with the company directly, and once per customer.

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MDsChoice.com (Main Web Site with Store)
VetSupplements.com (Animal Products (No Store))
Arthrosamine.com (Joint Supplement for People)
Gluquestrian.com (Joint Supplement for Horses)
BeefyChewables.com (Joint Supplement for Dogs)
TotalJointHealth.com (Valuable Information About Joint Health)

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