Commercial USE of EXISTING images is determined on a case by case, subject by subject, basis… based on a variety of factors:

Public or private

Thing or Person

Release required, or limited… or not applicable.

How the image(s) is to be used – where, when, what medium, and how much/often, and by whom… will they be personal or commercial, given free (marketing or advertizing), published in some form(s), or used in merchandizing?

Newspapers & magazines are usually quick & easy to work with… circulation, placement, and limits (vs unlimited) matter. MAKE AN OFFER… and answer the questions you know I will ask (it will save us both a lot of time).

Performers, Agents, Managers, Labels… MAKE AN OFFER… and let me know what rights you want to which image(s), what your publication expectations are, where & how you plan to use image(s), and if it’s a one time use or perpetual use you are wanting. Also, where & how will I be credited for the image(s)… and are you willing to credit MY SPONSOR (if yes, the price will usually be at least 50% less, to nearly free, depending on how, where, and circulation). All reasonable offers will be considered.

Credit for ‘me’ – doesn’t often matter or help me nearly as much as ‘credit’ for MY SPONSOR (either  or, usually). They have enabled my shoots of events, concerts, and charities for nearly 15 years… helping them indirectly (and directly) helps me, by justifying their investment IN ME & MY SKILLS.  Mere credit for me doesn’t usually or often pay the bills, provoke sales, or generate an income.

Some images have SIZE LIMITATIONS, licensing, or reproduction limits. Please verify with me prior to purchasing ‘commercial downloads’, to verify an image will legally work for your purpose. Your failure to disclose this and get specific prior permission from me prior to your purchase does NOT give you any specific, limited, or exclusive rights and may create a liability issue for you if you don’t get my permission first (which won’t be unreasonably withheld). NO REFUNDS FOR VIOLATING THIS REQUIREMENT.

Normally, my commercial work (for images already shot or not pre-paid) is broke into two primary sections (with & without watermark):

$10 per image for ‘web ready’ commercial use… TO THE PERFORMER(s) for their web site & social networking personal & band page(s) ONLY.

$50 per image for HIGH RES (usually 8×10 size, 300dpi) – for ON LINE non-resell, non-transferable, commercial WEB USE (great for ‘fan’ pages’, meet & greets, and portfolios).

$250 per ORIGINAL SIZE image/per year, unlimited non-transferable web use, (no merchandizing print use, give aways only), or

Without my watermark ON the image(s):
$500 lifetime/per image, non-exclusive, limited but flexible use…

$1,000 per image for royalty free, unlimited non-resale usage.

$2,500 + .02 per image printed for UNLIMITED MERCHANDISING USE.

These are shoot on spec, as is off my web site, with my ( watermark where is; you can remove or crop it out, so long as credit is given.

(NOTE: commercial use of images that agree to list my sponsor WITH THE IMAGES, and promote MY SPONSOR, with the credit line being:

“Image Courtesy of”

is eligible for at least a 50% discount, at which ever price level, for each of the images they either contract or PROVE they are doing that with.

(IMPORTANT: the majority of my ‘event’ shoots, concerts & contests for venues… I only make money if there are images people wish to purchase. I’m not paid anything, unless I sell images). In the business world, those prices are pretty normal, and the client is usually happier, as they only pay for what they want… and if they don’t want anything, my loss… so I have the incentive to have images that knock their socks off and impress.

You have some specific Commercial Needs?? – whether products, people, or such… will be determined on a case by case basis. Please look through my portfolio, it should give you an idea of what I can do… and that my ‘specialty’ is action, motion, and low light… stuff the usual person with a camera can’t do well or consistently.

The actual performers, band members, agents, managers, labels, concert promoters, and music industry tv news, magazines, newspapers, and media outlets can contact me directly for COMMERCIAL USE LICENSE:     or

Let me know who (you are), which (image(s) you are requesting), what (you are wanting to do), where (you plan to use the image(s)), when (you are needing them), how (much you plan on using them)… and if your offer is different than my asking price listed under the ‘COMMERCIAL USE’ and PERFORMERS pages, WHY I SHOULD CONSIDER IT.

I’m generally easy to work with, but can’t afford to work for free… (can you?)