So, the quandary is: they want ‘free’ photos… and I don’t think I should work for free.  Ego aside, I’m positive that I’ll have better images, more consistently and faster than any phone or point & shoot camera will produce!

I’m positive, because I’ve shot a few thousand Meet & Greets over the years, in a wide variety of settings, with and without back drops, and a wide assortment of lighting. I’m sure, because I have equipment designed for capturing those images with quality and consistency, and the experience to know how to change the settings for the situation. PLUS, I pay attention to the settings, background, angles, eyes, etc. and will capture images people will want to purchase. Point being, I have the expertise to do it right & quickly 99.99% of the time!

Sadly, it’s been quite the debate and challenge, at a couple of the venues, because of a couple DJ’s and an ‘artist agent/manager’ seemed to believe ‘someone’ (other than them) was paying me to ‘do the shoot’ (but they didn’t want to pay me)…  they just wanted to complain that I wasn’t ‘giving away’ images to everyone, go figure.

If I’m not otherwise being paid for the shoot… then I’m FREELANCING! The images are listed for sale on my web site, FOR SALE!  You don’t work for free, and you shouldn’t expect me (and Carly to). Because of our sponsor, the prices are less than half of what we normally charge, usually starting at $5.00 for a web ready download… and it goes up from there, depending on the size, use goals, and whether it’s ‘just a download’ or a ‘print’ that will need to be processed.

A BUSINESS (whether it’s the venue, radio station, label, publicist, artist, etc.) CAN SAVE A PILE OF MONEY by PRE-PAYing for our services in the Meet & Greet Shoot… HERE’S THE SCOOP:

When we charge (a business in the Knoxville area), because they want quality fan photos consistent, and faster than cell phone pics… and want those fans to ‘get the images for free’ – there is a flat base charge of $50… which covers the trip and set up time, and we get our photo with the artist(s) at the end of the shoot. Then, the business client can choose from the following options for meet & greets, anticipating at least 20 minimum, to what ever number (seriously, it can be 1000+ people) ‘coming through’ the line:

$2.50 an image (half price) … for 1 web ready image of each person coming through the M&G line to the venue (artist or business) paying… for that venue to post on their site (or social page)… with my watermark on each image. Other than the on the paying client’s web site/social page, the images are for PERSONAL USE ONLY.  Mention of OUR SPONSOR is necessary for commercial use of the images at this level (e.g. “Photos Courtesy of” OR “Photo Courtesy of” ~ clients choice, unless other arrangements have been agreed to).

$5.00 an image (way under half price) ~ All of the above option, but downloadable images at twice the size (print ready, up to 8×10 Print size) without watermark (unless on greenscreen). Client can post on their web site, social page(s), the artist, and otherwise distribute to those people going through the M&G Line, which will allow each of the people going through the M&G line to get a FREE (to them) LARGE IMAGE, without any watermark (or the custom background & watermark if on a green screen). Photo credit is still required for any commercial use of the images at this level.

$10.00 an image ~ All of the above options, PLUS multiple parties the client designates gets access to ALL of the M&G imageS, without any save restrictions or costs associated with the web ready or print ready downloads of THOSE M&G images… they can be given OR sold to the people BY THE CLIENT (or designee), as the client sees fit. No watermark on the images (or their custom watermark, they supply) or with custom background & watermark if on a green screen. No restrictions or commercial limits for the paying client, (other than EP and other merchandising rights are retained by photographer). Photo credit is appreciated, by not necessary for images used under this level.

… understand, a SINGLE IMAGE used on an EP or merchandised usually starts at $250, and .02 cents per unit produced over 5,000 units, $0.01 per unit over 100,000. There are a variety of options, contact me if you have any questions.

We strive to take THE BEST images possible for that background, lighting, and situation. We believe our clients, and those stepping in front of our camera(s) should have the opportunity to benefit more when they pre-pay and trust that we’ll do a good to great job more often than not… those that don’t wish to pre-pay (or pay) for ‘the shoot’ can elect to purchase our reasonably priced images directly on line.

When I don’t ‘get paid’ to shoot meet & greets, we are gambling on OUR skills and experience, charging those (fans or artist/label) that want select images a modest fee, to justify our time, equipment, experience, and effort in post processing:

For personal use (sales price examples):
$5 per web ready downloads (for social media) (usually $20 without personal use limits),
$12.50 per print ready downloads (up to 8×10) (usually $50 without personal use limits)

$6 for 4×6 print ($7.50 for two of same)
$20 for an actual 8×10 print ($30 for two of same)

We generally, and usually, do NOT ‘get paid’ to shoot or process any of the images, and UNLESS I sell downloads or prints to the fans (or artist/label) we make no money from most concert or contest photo shoots… so, unless you work for free… or are willing to trade something we feel is equal value, please don’t bother asking us to work for free!

I try to be reasonable…

Now, here is the kicker… and another option for the venue/radio station/artist:

I will discount which ever ‘price’ (download or print) by 50% off IF THEY PROMOTE MY SPONSOR ( or, their choice) ON THEIR WEB SITE (under sponsors, and where-ever other sponsors are listed), AND on their facebook page each shoot, as a ‘thank you to’ or ‘courtesy of’ (MY sponsor’s website link).

And, if they FEED US and have my sponsor LISTED as a show sponsor (ON THEIR WEBSITE) AND in the pre-show advertising, and images ‘courtesy of’ (when used) – I WILL GIVE THEM AT LEAST ONE EACH OF THE M&G IMAGES, and a couple of the best artist images, AT NO CHARGE… and go out of my way to work with them, whether it directly helps Carly & I, or not, because it helps justify MY SPONSOR’S investment in my efforts.

So, there are options… and they don’t all cost money, but do require a commitment & some integrity.