their marketing team, agents, manager, and label:

For the Lead Singer & band members (and contestants – in contests) add me on Facebook, ( if you haven’t already, and send me a message to let me know who you are (what instrument you’re playing or # in contest) – and I’ll send you a web ready image for YOUR PERSONAL USE, NO CHARGE… all I ask is my watermark stays intact, though a shout out/link for MY SPONSOR (either OR, you pick one) would be appreciated, and referrals incredible.

First and foremost ~ We shoot for assorted venues, events, and media outlets; generally as FREELANCE photographers… meaning We usually only get paid based on what people like enough to want to purchase. So our work HAS TO BE GOOD for us to make any money from a given shoot.

I’m reminded of an old musician joke, “A real musician is someone who will load $5,000 worth of gear into a $500 car to drive 500 miles to do a $50 gig, which they practiced countless hours for, but the ‘show’ only lasts an hour or two.” Multiply the first couple by 2, 3, 4, or more… and then make the gig value a total gamble… and that describes the average professional freelance photographer /videographer. Especially those trying to forge a path in a new geographical area, or an industry like music.

If it weren’t for our sponsors, MDsChoice… we wouldn’t have been able to do this the last six years in the music industry, and potentially not the previous 15 in the sports world.



I’m not a greedy person, but ‘exposure’ & ‘sharing’ for free doesn’t pay the bills… camera equipment isn’t cheap, and my time & experience aren’t free… so, if you value my images, there are a variety of affordable options that can help us all… ultimately, it’s: PAY ME or PROMOTE MY SPONSOR, or some combination thereof (depending on time, expenses, and costs).

Concerts (music) ~ For PRE-PAID shoot – Still images starting at $200 for us to shoot ‘the show’ (including the meet & greet, if there is one) for a single artist/act/or contest from start to finish… and rate the images (one pass, very limited editing), and $100 per hour – portal to portal (home to there and back home).

That includes: travel (within 30 miles), up to two hours of shoot time, and basic post processing: download, rating, uploading, emailing time. At $500 minimum, the payee will have rights to use up to 10 images per hour of shoot time, as web ready images on their commercial web sites & social media, WITH my watermark left intact and a ‘courtesy of (my sponsor – either OR No print rights, no high res images, no merchandising rights, no sell (or give) to other business(es) rights at that base price.

Here is what you’d get when you pre-pay:

~ The payee will receive 6 – 25 of the best ‘during show’ web ready images for non-resale royalty-free use on their commercial web site & social media (including fan pages) at no additional charge, no time limit… so long my watermark remains intact with the image.

~ IN ADDITION, pre-paid concert/event shoots will receive a web ready copy of at least one ‘meet & greet’ image per person I took pictures of, which they are free to post on THEIR web site & Facebook (and any other social web pages pages THEY CONTROL, expecting that that ‘fans’ will share & copy the images also), at no additional charge, so long as my watermark ( remains intact. People can share, use, like, tag, or whatever those web images. Leaving my watermark allows people to purchase ‘print ready’ downloads and prints directly from me. If the payee wants ‘high-res’ images, or images without my watermark, or more post-processing edits, additional fees will apply;  And

~ AND, 1 – choice hi-res image, usually selected from the ‘Top Shots’ section of my web site (need the file name/image number, and an address to ship to) will be included at the base pre-paid price for use on the band’s web sites (music pages, and places that promote them, and their music) without my watermark directly on the image (credit is still necessary, as in: Photo By StageResults, Courtesy of MD’s

YOU REALLY WANT US SHOOTING YOUR “MEET & GREET” -whether you pre-pay me or not:

First, some simple math: let’s say there are 200 people in the line. At just 1 minute a person, that’s nearly 3 hours JUST dealing with THE MEET & GREET LINE… toss cell phones into that mix, and it’s easily over 1 minute a person average. If the artist doesn’t have somewhere else to be the next day, it’s not a big deal… but if they do, and the band doesn’t have a driver it makes for a massively long day (and night). I can absolutely help speed all that up… and keep politely keep the fans moving along, without the artist or (their manager) being the ‘bad guy.’ And each of the fans get a card with instructions & directions on where & how to find their images the next day (or two).

a) the images will be better than anything most anyone else could capture the majority of the time, as I’ve shot a few hundred M&G’s, likely tens of thousands of M&G images, so I have a great deal of experience,

b) 99.9% of the time, I can help artists/labels/and venues quickly move the line 3 to 10+ times faster that ‘fans’ with camera phones & personal cameras, leaving more time for hand shakes, hugs, chatting, plus

c) I post process at least one image of each of the people (removing any red-eye, obvious zits, and minimize most distractions in the image) (which usually doesn’t happen in those nasty cell phone snapshots).

d) IF I use my ‘green screen’ – there are usually at least 2 or 3 background options for the fans to choose from, and I’m always open to the bands suggestions & input on choosing the background(s).

The payee of Pre-paid shoots receive one web-ready image each of the people coming through the line, during the M&G, for their website & social media site(s) at no additional charge, with my watermark… and sponsor mention (as stated above). The more people in your ‘meet & greet’ – the more images you’ll receive, IF YOU PRE-PAID… average is about 25 to 100 people/images; though I’ve had a couple M&G’s that topped 1,000 images (really). So, if you think you’ll have more than 25 people it’s really a great reason to pre-pay!

NON-Pre-paid shoots: I usually make some images (usually 10 to 35) available to the venue and event sponsor (such as the radio station) within 12 to 96 hours of the event, so the fans know WHERE to find and purchase affordable, and usually high quality, downloads & prints directly from my web site. We also post some on our facebook STAGERESULTS page, to help promote the band, venue, ourselves, and the sponsor(s). Ultimately, when we aren’t otherwise pre-paid to shoot an event, sponsor promotion and sales helps justify our future shoots.

High-Res Images & Commercial Use/Reproduction rights for given images can be negotiated in advance, or after the shoot, with the performer/artist, agents, management, or label… depending on needs, goals, expectations, and use.

The majority of my images, especially in the ‘Top Shots’ can be used for Posters, Calendars, Banners, Cards, EP Covers, Autograph Prints, clothing, etc. and are usually 10 to 30 megapixels in size.

We maybe available for traveling to, or ‘touring’ with, a band outside the greater Knoxville, TN area… for expenses, plus $1,200 per day base fee,  whether spent traveling or shooting shows/events.

For still-photography the payee will get:

~ Proofs of ALL basic rated & processed images, and a 50% discount on any selections;

~ One web ready image of each of ALL People at the ‘Meet & Greet’… for EACH SHOW we shoot during the tour

~ web ready random images of band during the travels, sound checks, breaks, show, and trip… without watermark for bands page(s) & social media (not merchandising use).


$1,200 to 2,500 per day, including travel time, to set up for still photography AND video, or just video, with the understanding I can only have one ‘mobile’ manned camera at a time, by myself, but can usually set up two or more HD cameras for different angles.

Payee must define goals & priorities, understanding that if I’m manning a video camera, still images aren’t possible unless I have an assistant(s). At $2500 per day rate, payee shall receive: all processed ‘top’ – ‘other’ – and ‘people’ still images, and limited editing of tour videos (if shot) with a copy of all raw footage going to payee for their own processing, cutting, and unlimited royalty free unlimited use.

Extra charge for any special sets, extra personnel needed, special equipment requirements, and/or music/sound recording & mixing; in depth cutting & editing, and multi-camera video editing.


OK ~ So, you didn’t pre-pay for the shoot…

Normally, my commercial work (for images already shot or not pre-paid) is:

~ $10 per image for ‘web ready’ commercial use… TO THE PERFORMER(s) for their web site & social networking personal & band page(s) ONLY.
~ $50 per image for HIGH RES – ON LINE non-resell commercial WEB USE
~ $250 per ORIGINAL SIZE image/per year, limited use (limited print use), or

These are shoot on spec, as is off my web site, with my ( watermark where is; you can remove or crop it out, so long as credit is given.

Without my watermark ON the image(s) or sponsor mentions:
~ $500 lifetime/per image, non-exclusive, limited but flexible use… for ‘web ready’ commercial use…
~ $1,000 lifetime/per image for royalty free, unlimited non-resale usage… for HIGH RES – ON LINE non-resell commercial WEB USE, media, instruments, etc.
~ $2,500 + .02 per image printed for UNLIMITED MERCHANDISING USE (CD Covers, EPs, products, posters for resell, etc.).

(NOTE: I only make money if there are images people wish to purchase, no pay, unless I’m able to sell images or a separate agreement was reached ahead of time). In the business world, those prices are pretty normal, and the client is usually happier, as they only pay for what they want… and if they don’t want anything, my loss… so I have the incentive to have images that knock their socks off and impress their fan base.

(for still images already shot & processed – no watermark, but credit/link still required in human readable size & position)

If purchased within 10 days of the shoot – YOUR CHOICE – of deal and images:
$2,500 for 25+ images non-resale usage (avg 1-5 per band member or contestant), and $5,000 for 75+ semi-exclusive non-resale usage of images
$1,000 + .02 per image printed for UNLIMITED MERCHANDISING USE.

If purchased within 11-60 days of the shoot:
$5,000 for 25+ images non-resale (avg 1-5 per band member or contestant), and $10,000 for 75+ semi-exclusive non-resale usage of images
$1,500 + .02 per image printed for UNLIMITED MERCHANDISING USE.

If purchased within 61 to 360 days of the shoot:
$7,500 for 25+ images non-resale (avg 1-5 per band member or contestant), and $15,000 for 75+ semi-exclusive non-resale of images
$2,500 + .02 per image printed for UNLIMITED MERCHANDISING USE.

If purchased over 360 days of the shoot:
$10,000 for 25+ images non-resale (avg 1-5 per band member or contestant), and $20,000 for 75+ semi-exclusive non-resale of images
$5,000 + .02 per image printed for UNLIMITED MERCHANDISING USE.

Of course, quantity orders, special contracts, and pre-paid shoots will all be considered on a case by case basis.



Like your words & sound, ALL my work is copyrighted… and I have a bit of an understanding of all the practice and effort that was put into your climb to where you are. I respect that, and can relate to the investment of time and effort doing something you enjoy. I hope you appreciate, value, and respect my copyright, as I do yours. I sincerely try my very best to never have or post anything that might be embarrassing or otherwise unprofessional of any performer.

You may, or may not, know (or care) that the main difference between the ‘snap-ographer’ and professional photographer is knowledge of the equipment, amount of practice & actual experience, ability with timing to get ‘quality shots,’ ability to work under pressure, in a responsible fashion, with backups – and preparedness, and the amount of time spent post-processing, rating & selecting images.

I will often – but not always – post a few web ready images on another of my Facebook pages, which people are free to ‘like’ – tag – and share (not copy or print). If I don’t, and you really want me to, let me know… I’ll try to be accommodating, IF you let me know while they are still on my computer.

Understanding of MY TIME: on average, I spend about 4 to 8 hours of work after the shoot, PER HOUR of shoot, downloading, rating, sorting, cropping, tweaking, exporting (from RAW to JPG… so others can even see them), and uploading the images to my site (and a few to & for the venues). So, the average 2hr shoot is really about 10 to 18 hours of work minimum, with few exceptions.

Consider, low light indoor shooting usually & often produces ‘red-eye’ whenever a strobe is used – especially if there isn’t a ceiling I can bounce the light off. So, if there are 50 people in the ‘meet & greet’ line – with one performer – that’s 4 eye balls PER IMAGE minimum, or 200 eye’s, that need double checked… and have red-eye eliminated when it exists. At even just 1 minute per image, that’s nearly 4 hours of work after the fact. Plus there’s the issue of blinking, strange faces, and closed eyes. However, if you want the best, expect the best, and wish to put your best in front of others… IT IS WORTH THE TIME & EXPENSE having an experienced PHOTOGRAPHER vs snapographer, and way better than those dreaded inconsistent and usually crappy cellphone pics.

… any  questions or other commercial interests:

CONTACT ME if you are interested in having or using my images on your band webpage, reverbnation, bandsintown, autograph print give-a-ways (to fans), other commercial band promoting website(s) or printed media, posters, banners, or mass reproduction. I happy to work with just about anyone.

I have a pile of equipment, depending on needs & expectations:

~ multiple Canon dSLR cameras (for still images, and some HD video)
~ assorted and appropriate professional quality lens,

~ 6 ‘broadcast’ quality Canon HD video cameras with DTE (Direct To Edit adapters),
~ 8 Sony Nex HD (1920×1080) video cameras (with DTE Highspeed SD’s – my preference, most of the time),
~ BlackMagic ATEM 1 LIVE Broadcaster VIDEO SWITCH
~ TeraDek – high speed portable streaming (as long as I have a high speed internet connection)
~ BlackMagic Intensity Pro – streaming & conversions (requires laptop)
~ 6 GoPro 3+ Black HD video cameras (for those tight spaces),

~ multiple steady cams (currently 1 vest & 1 shoulder mount),
~ multiple monopods & tripods,
~ multiple super clamps,
~ remote controlled pan/tilt heads (manual or auto)
~ 6 to 20 foot shoot pole
~ 8 & 12 foot jib crane, with power remote controlled pan/tilt head,
~ track dolly (both straight & curved)

~ portable lights,
~ portable backdrops (including 8×20 popup green screen),

~ assorted digital recording equipment (a Zoom H4N, 2 Zoom R24’s, Tascam D70),
~ booms, lavs, mics (wired & wireless)…

~ teleprompter (you can read your script directly into the camera)…
~ Underwater gear (used on occasion),

~ Sony Vegas Pro, Photoshop, Cubase, TeleKey (teleprompter software), and assorted other software for processing & tweaking still images & video.

All equipment was carefully selected to capture and produce high quality imagery (still & video).

NOTE: IF YOU NEED FAST TURN AROUND ~ I would require appropriate power outlets, high speed internet connectivity if expecting quick turn around on the still images and uploading to any internet site – and some working space for computer, external hard drives, & battery chargers.


NOTE: IF one of my sponsor(s) agrees, and is able to have their sponsorship ‘of the video’ in the lower left (or right) of the video… they have been known to off-set up to 75% of the costs of the shoot, post-production, and editing. They get to say they did the video & help promote you & the song, if they choose… and you help promote them (passively) when you distribute the video. OTHERWISE:

Video shoot fee
starts at ~ $500 for a song, $2500 the show – UNEDITED (one camera IN MY HANDS – moving, different angles & close ups, + at least one to three other cameras on tripod, if the venue has the space so my camera equipment is safe). You’re responsible for high quality sound.

Custom videos starts at $2500 each for 1 to 3 songs, and $7,500 (plus expenses) for ‘scene’ or story type song/music videos. All of my video cameras are capable of HD quality capturing…

Photo credits for the images (and videos) doesn’t pay the bills (time or equipment). Most of the images I have (from all of the concerts) can easily be blown up to huge sizes, as most are 10 to 30 megapixels in size.



If the performers are playing to a studio recording or click track, I can also capture and sync multiple takes & multiple cameras, for a vary high quality, multiple location, music video(es)… with a wide variety of high quality effects, backgrounds, transitions, and overlays.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.