Downloads (for Personal Use) are available as $2 web use, and $5 print ready (which will print perfectly up to 8.5 x 11).

Prints (for Personal Use) are available in 4×6 to Poster Size.  The prices of the prints I out put include ME DOUBLE CHECKING THEM for red eye, zits, angle, sharpness, color matching, white balance, angle, and a few other factors.

Please understand, I’m FREELANCE – which essentially means, for most ‘events’ I’m paid ONLY when images are purchased (downloads,  prints, and licenses). 

You can also purchase PRINTS, posters, canvases, and novelty items. Now, it you live in the greater Knoxville area, getting the prints directly from me will save you a bunch in shipping. I’m near the Knoxville Airport, near the Pilot on Topside & 140, or the Shell Station on Louisville Road. Plus, I’m at most of the concerts at the Joe, and at some of the other venues, so you can call to arrange payment, and we can meet up to deliver the prints (or I can mail them to you). Canvases, novelty items, banners, and some of the huge size prints have to be shipped off… I try to gang orders to save on the shipping for the local clients. Those out of the area, shipping is the only option.

All native images, out of the camera, are in a 4×6 ratio (8×12, 12×16, 16×20, 20×36, etc); which means any other sizes will need to be cropped. In most cases, the user can quickly and easily select the crop they’d like (during their ordering process). In some cases, I’ll need to pull the original to manually do the crop, because of the ©TerryMercer.com watermark in the bottom right. Just let me know… often going to an 8.5×11 size solves 99% of those challenges.

Most of my finished images are in the 10 to 30 megapixel range… meaning most all can be posters, with many wall murals & even commercial billboard size (massive). So, if you need something larger or different than what is listed, please let me know.

UNDERSTANDING MY TIME INVESTMENT: The average event takes up about 4 to 6 hours, sometimes more… then another hour downloading, then there’s 2 to 10 hours of sorting, rating, and post processing the images… and another 8 hours exporting (to JPGs), uploading, emailing, and facebooking the images. Yes, I could just slam & jam, but do you want to spend YOUR TIME wading through less than great images?  I could save a lot of time by only processing, doing red-eye removal, cropping of the images for JUST THOSE SOLD, but I don’t feel that would be very professional… and ‘better than nothing’ has never been my goal with still images. I take pride in my finished work… and diligently try to capture images those in them will cherish, appreciate, and want to spend a bit of their hard earned money on.

I’ve purposefully tried to maintain the low price points for personal use, to make it inexpensive and easy for people to purchase my images… My goal is to sell quantity of quality imageS, to justify the low prices.  Anticipating that if I do a good job, and capture very good to great images, and keep the cost affordable, more people will purchase, which will in turn adds up to enough to justify all the time I spend on my finished images… and sharing some for free on Facebook, Pinterest, etc.).

There is absolutely a difference between ‘personal’ and ‘commercial’ use. If you aren’t sure, ASK ME.