Over the years, I’ve shoot literally, more than a million ‘sports action’ images. At all levels of competition. Tons of basketball, a variety of equine (horse) events (eventing, hunter/jumper, rodeos, endurance, show, trick, and commercial). I’ve shoot football, soccer, swimming, platform diving, canine (dog) athletics, para-sailing, surfing, jet skiing, kayaking, ATV’s, racing, ice skating, bowling, and even scuba diving (yes, I have underwater gear too).

If it moves, odds are I CAN SHOOT IT!

If you are interested in having me shoot your sporting event (or that of a relative, team, or school): I’ll need to know WHEN (to make sure it doesn’t conflict with my schedule), WHERE (I travel by GPS most of the time), and WHAT is wanted/expected. In addition, for some facilities & events, I’ll need permission from the baseline, deck, etc. – school, coach, or event coordinator, depending on the event.

My shoot fee usually starts at $150 PER SHOOTING HOUR for game/contest/event… or $1,000 per day, for all day events & tournaments, which can be paid by club, parent(s), or school.
(50% more if a second photographer or video is required).

DANGEROUS SITUATIONS, where me or my gear *MIGHT* be hurt, has a higher cost, to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

WEATHER – outdoors, freezing or raining, or heat over 90 degrees, may have a higher cost, depending on shooting area(s), expectations, and goals.

Water related photography starts at twice normal amounts, subject to access, approval by event, danger (to self or gear), and the other factors, like: visibility – clarity of the water, lighting, and depth.

Understand ~ there is usually at least 2 to 6 hours of work FOR EACH HOUR of shooting, AFTER THE SHOOT. So a 2 hour event will often & likely cost me at least 6 to 14 hours of total actual work, depending on the event, lighting consistency, background distractions, flexibility to ‘be in the right places’ (to get the proper angles), and expectations. All my images are HUGE (usually 10 to 30 megapixels), and because I shoot the highest quality & most flexible RAW IMAGES, post processing IS REQUIRED. The math is: 2+(2×2) to 2+(2×6)


By Pre-Paying… the payee gets:

~ a web ready copy of usually at least 5 to 50 sorted, rated, and post processed images OF THEIR ATHLETE, assuming that athlete gets play time (and if the sport is like track, or bull riding, time & number of images possible are limited, but if they are in enough events or ride for enough time, I WILL GET some awesome images, guaranteed). They are free to post these images on their (and the athlete’s) web site & Facebook (and any other social web pages pages), and to use in school year books, at no additional charge; as long as my watermark (TerryMercer.com) remains intact, so other people I might have images of can purchase prints & high res downloads directly from me;

~ IN ADDITION, pre-paid shoot will receive 2 – 25 of the best ‘during shoot’ printable high res (8.5×11 max) images, with a print release if necessary, at no additional charge… and

~ 1 to 4 – 8.5×11 actual high-resolution print.

~ a release for the school yearbook and school newspaper to use & reprint.

Photo credit/link on gallery and/or each separate web image posting in readable fashion is still required.


If YOU DIDN’T PRE-PAY… and I actively shot a game, no worries, odds are, if you (they) had play time, I captured images of you (or your athlete).

There is a ‘BUY’ OPTION on the images. If you are wanting QUANTITY (more than 25)… let me know. Otherwise, my prices are what they are.

~ releases to school yearbook & school newspaper are available, at ‘commercial’ rates for non-pre-pay customers.

Some of MY BEST SPORTS ACTION IMAGES can be seen here:

If shot before December 2012, ALL of those photos are archived on other systems. Very few, of the over 1 million, images exist on this site.

There is a $50 ‘search fee’ – payable before I start looking for images from an event I shot months or years ago. I would need to know when, where, and who you are looking for.  The search fee is ONLY REFUNDABLE IF I CAN’T FIND THE ‘GAME’ (or shoot) images….