Any device that can access the internet should allow you to easily view the images, select, like, and even order prints or digital downloads. It’s a bit different with each browser type, and a bit different on mobile device, but the site should work with all common smart phones and normal mobile web browsers (safari, chrome, firefox, chromium, etc.). It you have trouble, there should be an option for ‘desktop mode,’ which helps with tablets and some of the newer high resolution devices.

When you navigate to the gallery you’re looking for, you should be able to ‘click’ (select) a thumb nail to enlarge, and use the swipe motion to move forward or backwards in the images. Honestly, it’s much faster and easier on a computer, but we understand some people don’t reality have computers available these days.

If you order any DIGITAL DOWNLOAD (for the web or so you can get it printed), you will need to know how to open a zip file (it doesn’t affect print orders), and it’s just a couple extra steps. Again, it’s easier on a computer, but not too difficult from a smart phone. The information on this page should help you:

All ‘download’ (digital file) orders are EMAILED TO YOU… with a ‘link’ to a zip file containing your license (including a permission to print, if you purchased the ‘print ready’ digital version). This is ONE file (per order), containing the license and how ever many images already cropped and sized to the order you made. That is what will be in that file you’ll be sent a link to download… rather than a pile of individual files. Also, zip files both compresses and error check the files.

If you don’t already know how to open zip files from your mobile device, odds are you’ll need an app. It’s free on google’s playstore (or your app finder on your mobile device). If you want to do it manually, search for ‘zip’ – and look for ZIP EXTRACTOR. You will need it to deal with the down load-able orders. Here is a direct link:

Once you have that installed, the next step is to make sure you click here to REGISTER on our website… that allows you to ‘like’ and save lists containing the images you *might* want to view again, show others, or even purchase. Just put in your name, a valid email, and any password you want (we can’t seen your password, so make it something you’ll remember because we can not recover it if you lose or forget it).

If you want to create a list of favorites, do that by ‘selecting the HEART’ icon… that will allow you to share your list of favorites with family & friends. You can even share your list ‘with me’ (the photographer) if you want to discuss a particular image, background, or something.

~ select TOPIC (i.e., Concerts, Contests, etc.)…
~ click on the top level folder (usually artists name if concerts, place – date and contest name, or other identifier, as appropriate)…
~ then enter the sub-folders
as you see fit. Most galleries are broke up into at least three sections, “Top Shots” (what we considered were the best for that shoot, those circumstances, which the most people would likely enjoy seeing in a newspaper, magazine, or hanging on their wall), “Meet & Greet” (if we photographed that, “People There” if we photographed more than a few), and “Other Shots” (may contain other people, but mostly it’s ‘of the topic subject’ but either too close to, or otherwise not as good as the Top Shots).

You can use your back button (on your browser menu) to go back any time, or select the “My Photographs” from the top of my page to jump to another category… or HOME to start back at the front of the website.

NOTE: If the ‘folder’ picture box above the performer (or folder) name is grey or blank, it usually means photos are still uploading. If an image is displayed there, then at least the ‘Meet & Greet’ images have been uploaded. Check back later, when the ‘folder image’ IS THERE… if you don’t see your photo(s). Odds are they are in process of uploading (or processing).

With most concerts & events, the newest shows we’ve photographed are on top – in front of the CONCERTS list. After a couple weeks, then they are then sorted back into alphabetical order (so, if you don’t see the artist you’re looking for at the top of the screen, look them up by name. The concerts page has a ‘marker’ image, the newest stuff is before the StageResults logo folder. Everything after that are sorted in alphabetical order by first name or group name usually (often without ‘The’… and by the letter of the first name).

If you were photographed with any performer, your images will be in the ‘Meet & Greet’ folder 99.999% of the time (if there was one we photographed), and/or ‘People There’ or ‘Other’ folder under the HEADLINER performers name.

For example: the Big & Rich concert also had Cowboy Troy, and DJ Sinister there. Each has their own folder. If you were photographed with Big & Rich, and/or with just Cowboy Troy… you may have images in BOTH THEIR FOLDERS (as appropriate), but probably just under Big & Rich. If you were photographed just at the concert, on the floor, at the table, outside, etc your image would most likely be in the ‘People There’ or ‘Other’ folder under THE HEADLINER (Big & Rich, in this example).

If you have any questions or suggestions, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Understand, we are FREELANCE PHOTOGRAPHERS… that means we only ‘make money’ when we capture quality images people like enough to pay for. We strive to capture quality images, ensuring there is no red-eye, closed eyes, or silly expressions (unless they are on purpose). We try to capture as many different images as we can… including hugs, handshakes, and autographing when possible. Thanks to OUR SPONSOR, we are have the opportunity to do the shoots, without (makers of premiere Joint & Digestive Nutritional Supplements for People, Horses, and Pets) the prices would be significantly higher.

You can make purchases through our website, tips and donations can be made directly to my account. Please let us know why you’re sending any money if it’s not just a regular order, with a comment in the ‘note’ section of the payment.

If you are donating, just because THANK YOU! It will help go to more equipment & shoots, either directly or indirectly.

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