Arrows from an air gun

35 cal arrows, at least 29" in length, with a PLUNGER type nock.

The SPINE (of the arrows) should be at least 300 (or less).  

If your arrows have fletching, expect them to be messed up in a few shots. Because the bulldog in a RIFLED BARREL, you need to allow them to "SCREW IN" to the barrel when inserting them (much like a muzzle loader - tapper rod). A forced 'push' action can trash the fletching faster.

Seneca's (pictured above) have 'plastic feathers' - won't last as long if PUSHED IN. 

Air Venturi has a unique 'featherless' fletching, IF YOU CAN FIND THEM, and supposedly they can be 'pushed in' (but I'm not 100% sure, as I've yet to see or use them, have only seen videos of the prototypes).


For the best definition:

The spine rating of an arrow is simply a measurement of its stiffness.

"The same Easton arrow comes in a variety of stiffness: the lower the number, the stiffer the arrow.  For example, a 330 arrow is stiffer than a 500 spine arrow.

There are two kinds of spine (stick with us, we promise not to get too technical).

1) There’s static spine, which is how an arrow reacts when an 880-gram (1.94 lbs.) weight is suspended from the center of the arrow. The arrow must be 29” in length and supported by two points, which are 28” apart. The number of inches the arrow deflects or bends X 1000 due to the weight is the spine size or measurement of an arrow. So, a 500 arrow bends .5-inches when the weight is applied.

2) Then there is dynamic spine, which describes the way an arrow reacts from the stored energy as it is shot. Too many factors determine the way an arrow is going to react when shot out, and because of the nearly unlimited variables in determining dynamic spine, Easton hunting arrows are measured using static spine.

You can manipulate the dynamic spine of an arrow and make it act stiffer when shot from a compound bow by decreasing peak bow weight, point weight or the point/insert combination, using heavier bow string material or adding more strands to the string, heavier vanes, heavier serving material and/or nocking point and shortening the length of the arrow.."

Because of the BURST OF ENERGY the Bulldog exerts, I would suggest looking only at a SPINE of 300 or LESS! Stiff and true, but yes - there are assorted variables.  Most that shoot arrows from their Bulldogs claim they get the best 'performance and accuracy' from 2600 psi to 1600 psi, and that above that tends to shoot high depending on the fletching used, and below that drops off fast (again, depending on the fletching and exact pressure and conditions).

Just like with bows, windage, angle of the trajectory, distance, weight of arrow AND THE TIP, the balance of the WHOLE ARROW, type of tip (aerodynamics of the tip & arrow) all play a role.  It's not 'just run to the store and pick up some Gold Tip Carbon Fibers and you're ready.' 

There are some videos' of people 'DIY'ing' their arrows for the Bulldog... check them out. If there are any you find really unique and particularly helpful, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!  If you want it 'kept a secret' I can, but if it's awesome and you want it shared, I might be willing to do that also... especially if I can actually get some working samples that prove the functionality. Have zero issue with giving credit where it's due. 

Nock This

Yeppers, with the 'plunger nock' and threaded tips, these can go from target arrows to full on hard hitting, heart stopping, broad-head hunting arrows.
(Sold Separately) 

Air Venturi's "AirBolt" adds even more flexibility to your PCP air rifle! 

So they claim! However, I've been waiting for months to FIND THESE AVAILABLE TO TEST, and haven't been able to purchase them yet, or do more than see photos or a video of their use. Below is what the company claims:

Use the 375 grain carbon fiber Air Bolt in any .35 caliber PCP Bulldog rifle, and change they way you shoot your airgun forever! You'll be amazed by the incredible power and accuracy the Air Bolt delivers to your game.  The bolts fly THROUGH BAILS OF HAY, like a hot knife in butter! 

Large game? Yes! With velocities up to 530 fps and knockdown power exceeding 230 foot pounds of energy, trophy-sized big game is well within the capabilities of this innovative projectile. Many state agencies, allow you to hunt with Air Bolts, but some - like Michigan, currently don't, so make sure to check with your local state agencies to confirm which game, and when, you can use your Air Venturi Air Bolts to hunt with.

Of course the next question is, how tight are the groups? The answer is simply, HOW STEADY IS YOUR AIM? You'll have to be careful not to 'Robin Hood' the Air Bolts! During our tests, we found typical groups are 1 to 2 inches at 30 yards for the average steady handed shooter.

When you can find these, each arrow comes with a 100 grain Field Tip. The inserts on each bolt are threaded to accept standard broad-heads, for the ultimate hunting experience.

Air Venturi Air Bolt, 6 Pack .35 cal Features

0.35" Caliber bolt
Length: 23" with field point
Weight: 375 grains including 100 grain field point
Velocities up to 530 fps (in Recluse)

Energy up to 234 FPE (in Recluse)
Constructed from 100% Hi-Modulus Carbon Fiber
6 Air Bolts per package 

Full disclosure: I DO NOT OWN ANY ARROWS YET, though I'm still on a 'waiting list' to get some... and I have seriously considered DIYing some if I can find or make the 'nock plungers, I believe the rest would be pretty self explanatory and easy.

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