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List Price $999
Original Price $829.99
Basic Price HERE $789
for Base Rifle (with one - 5 round mag)
Options listed here are sold separately.

Features Basic Regular Premium
BullDog .357 - Base Rifle ($999 list)
5 Shot Auto-indexing Rotary Magazine (incl)
Cleaning Kit (incl)
Non-skid Neoprene Swivel Sling Strap ($30)
25 - 82g Pellets to start with ($12.50)
Green Dot Illuminated option
6 - 24 x 50mm Tactical Illuminated Scope;
Adj Optic Etched Glass; Shock & Recoil, 
Fog & Water Proof, Coated lenses
High-rise Picatinny metal scope mounts
(front & back) for those long shots 
optional optional

Folding light weight bipod (6 to 9” adjustable)optional
25 - 120g Lead Slug to start with optional 
25 - 168g Lead Slug to start with optional 
Includes Shipping (with Insurance)
to lower 44 legal states - to ADULT
What I'm Selling the couple I have left for:  $789 $989$1289

Retailers that have them in Stock (as of today):

eBay was all over the place, from $850+ (T&S)... to over $1500 for a basic stock rifle... now banning all sales of ALL PCP weapons over .25 caliber. 

Most Read

Has these listed... at $799+ Tax and Shipping.

They also have some accessories. 
Most Read

Amazon has them at $900.31 +Tax (& Shipping if you don't have Prime)

I ONLY have TWO left for sale -   the other extras I had ALREADY SOLD!

When the Bulldogs FINALLY became available again (sold out since October 2020) I bought a five extra for gifts. Turns out three of the people I bought them for already bought their own around the same time I was able to get the extra in. So, I have a couple New In Box Rifles for sale, with some extras I'd originally purchased for them. 

I initially listed them on eBay. Then, without notice, justification, or legal reason, 'big tech' unilaterally decided 'it' would BAN THE SALE of all air guns over .25 caliber (i.e., BIG BORE) on facebook, marketplace, and eBay just a couple days after I listed them, May 2021. Their platforms, their rules. 

So, I decided I'd create a web page to help promote and advertise this VIABLE OPTION, selling the rifles I'm not otherwise keeping for myself. Also, wanted to use this page to help educate people about the alternatives and options... that don't have all the government regulation (in most states), and once you have the weapon and a means to refill the air... you can easily find or make slugs that will perfectly work, even if the moreoffs in congress try to block powder, primers, brass, or bullets. Guess what, THIS DOESN'T NEED THOSE THINGS TO WORK! 

One of my friends was spending over $200 a weekend JUST target practicing with his 'powder burners'... now, he shoots more, is teaching his wife and kids to shoot also, and spends a fraction of what he was spending on ammo for the 'firearms.' 

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