If you are against the second amendment, or self-defense, then feel free to MOVE ON. This page isn't likely something you'll appreciate. 

The Benjamin BullDog .357
NOT Your Granddaddy's Pellet Gun!
It's a "Zombie Apocalypse" Weapon!
It's a "BIG BORE" PCP aGun!

It looks like a weapon from a sci-fi movie, like Starship Troopers.
The Cast of the Walking Dead (TWD) wish they had these!

NO NEED TO REFILL after 1 to 3 shots, but actually 20 to 30 shots

This is a versatile .357 caliber weapon. Well suited for home defense, self-defense, and even hunting! 

It is powered by high-pressure air (HPA) stored in a 340cc reservoir within the gun. With PCP airguns, there is no need to pump the gun after every shot; the user can continue shooting until the reservoir needs to be refilled (refilling accessories sold separately). A gauge embedded in the gun's stock tracks remaining pressure.

Governed by laws similar to cross bows, the Benjamin Bulldog 357 is currently legal in 45 STATES in America for ALL ADULT citizens. Sadly, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Illinois, Michigan, Connecticut, and DC have issues.

The Benjamin Bulldog is a .357 caliber, pushing a projectile down the rifled 28" barrel at about 930 feet per second (fps) on the first few rounds, dropping down to about 750fps by shot 10, and to the 620fps range by shot 20. Basically expelling about 100 psi (from the 340cc tank) per shot.  

This weapon IS NOT federally regulated by the ATF, because it is NOT 'A FIREARM' under FEDERAL LAW (explained later); with AGE being the ONLY major  RESTRICTION in 45 states currently. Anyone that can legally own a Crossbow or BlackPowder Gun, can own one of these - without any background check(s), registration requirements, or government games. (see legal section for more info)

This weapon is prohibited for MINORS UNDER 18 without adult supervision, in most states. (see list on legal page, and check your states laws). 

PCP stands for Pre-Charged Pneumatic

aka AIR gun, but far more powerful than a co2, break barrel, or even a pump action. It's closest to a professional level carbon fiber tanked paintball gun - but ON STEROIDS.

This is because these PCP's don't shoot 'paint' balls, they really CAN'T - they would blow up in the barrel and make a real mess. Plus, unlike a paint ball gun, YOU CAN get what is necessary to actually refill these rifles with the highly compressed air they require to be used. Also, unlike paintball guns, Big Bore PCP Rifles shot REAL LEAD.  The Bulldog isn't limited to pellets, but can also shoot slugs, and the 'bullet' part of bullets, as well as other types of hard material, like even 35 caliber darts & arrows with enough force to take down deer, and even an AMERICAN BISON or African Wildebeest.

It is 'versatile' for many reasons,

how the rifle can be filled (with air), the number of shots per magazine (5) rounds, in a revolving magazine, provides fast shooting and quick reloading, AND air fill (15-30), small size (36", 8 lbs), no recoil (compared to a .22lr about the same), and because of WHAT ALL it can shoot.

However, because it is NOT 'PRESSURE REGULATED' the 'power' and speed are reduced with each shot between fills. However, 'regulated' aGuns SHOOT FEWER SHOTS!  In general, most are only 'single shot' - and only allow 1 to 5 'regulated' shots (ie. exact same air pressure used EACH & EVERY SHOT, and if there isn't enough - IT WON'T SHOOT). But the number of shots, power, and ease of use, combined with the ‘ammo’ variety and flexibility, make this a TOP THREE PICK for any aGun user, prepper, or anyone looking for 'worst case' options. It really is a seriously amazing weapon, as you'll soon see. 

Once you have the Rife & AIR, you’ll only need a projectile. No brass, powder, primers, caps, or wads! That is 'David vs Goliath' sorta huge! 

 ~ and the cool part, in an emergency, that 'projectile' can be dang near anything that is about .357 (9mm) or smaller (with a wad/collar) that fits snugly down the barrel (one of these days I might try CHOP STICKS, or a nail through cork or rubber stopper since 9 mm darts work).

That is absolute efficiency in a crisis situation. No POWER? No problem, if you have the High Pressure Hand Pump, about 100 pumps between 2,000 psi and 3,000 psi, and you're read to shoot another 10 to 20 shots (depending on grains and distance). If you have a pot to melt metals in, and a 350-358 (though 355/356/357/358 are recomended). Get a mold you can pour into, you have slugs. I've shot 350 through 358 lead slugs without issue or problem, though 'snug' is generally better and more efficient. There aren't many weapons with so much flexibility or versatility. It has more powerful than most crossbows a normal person can cock & load, and more than most compound bows used for hunting... and it's classed the same in most states... yet far more versatile in WHAT ALL IT CAN get down the barrel; plus it doesn't take two strong arms and a foot to cock for the next shot like a cross bow, or the cap, powder, wad, ball/slug, wad, tamping used in black powder.  It's faster, easier, and in the 0-100+ yard range hits with deadly force. 

Compared to 'powder burners' (real firearms), this is far more COST EFFECTIVE to use... ONCE YOU HAVE AIR! 
~ with a very low cost per shot ($..03 to 50 cents a shot average, if you buy ready to shoot projectiles)... (NEARLY FREE if you cast your own lead). Especially if you can recapture your ammo to reuse/recast.... or use darts or arrows),

~ effective range exceeds 100 yards, max range confirmed at around 205 yards with stock rifle. 0 - 80 yards seems to be the MOST EFFECTIVE and consistently accurate. 

~ with about 15 to 20 powerful shots per air fill (using about 100psi per shot)

depending on distance, and goal. With the right ammo, this PCP Air Rifle has enough penetration to hunt boar or deer, which is legal here in Tennessee (you’ll need to check your state’s laws) with the first 10 shots... and there are even videos of one these type of airguns shooting broad heads to take down a Bison, and even harvesting a water buffalo and wildebeest with slugs. These facts make this model one of the most powerful, flexible, and yet easiest to deal with, in existence. 

.357 pellets, slugs, and round balls are CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP and easily accessible, and something you can even MAKE YOURSELF! That's something you can’t say about powder burning ammo these days... which requires brass, powder, primers, slugs, and the equipment to weigh, insert, and finish each bullet... AND SPECIAL STORAGE. With this, I can melt the lead, using a Lee or MP mold, I can cast hundreds of pieces of viable ammo in an afternoon out of a few pounds of lead, for just a few dollars. (even re-melting ammo that had been previously shot).

The .357 is way less expensive than larger calibers (like the 45 or 50 cal, which can have an average retail of $1.00+,  to over $3+ EACH in most areas! IF YOU CAN EVEN FIND THEM. Yet, at the 0 to 150 yard range, this 357 has serious stopping power, depending on the type of ammo. For my goals and purposes, to have something effective for home defense in the event no powder, primers, or bullets could be purchased, this weapon is the best option for the money!

If you’re using a bullet trap, and casting your own ammo, then reusing ammo makes shooting almost free! Lead in batteries can be cleaned & cast. Lead from used tires, or tire stores, can be melted down and reused for slugs. Even copper wire in a pinch, or silver COULD be molded to work. The barrel is rifled, but a wee bit softer than normal firearms, so stay away from the steel projectiles. Just a little heat, and time to recast. This all that adds up to make the Bulldog 357 by Benjamin/Crosman one of the most powerful cost effective methods of target practice, that is highly functional and effective at 5 feet or 100+ yards!

As expected, after the 2020 election, the bullets, powder, and primers went the way toilet paper did earlier in the year pretty well across this nation. Still today, nearly half way through 2021, it's nearly impossible to get primers, or finished 9 mm, 38, 357, or 45 bullets... and the most common calibers of rifle ammo are equally rare.

Sadly, I don’t see the supply chain increasing enough, or the government regulations loosening enough, for any of that to ease up anytime soon. Plus, the current administration... and majority in the House, are suggesting limiting things with 'ammo' (and their components) even more... or jacking the prices,  rather than going after ‘the guns’ which are protected by the Second Amendment; ammo (and their components) aren't. 

harris (lower case on purpose) has been talking about limiting finished ammo and primers (for reloading) for years. The biden administration is already trying to put more delays, limits, AND COSTS on ‘background checks!’  Plus they want to add those checks and costs ON AMMO, primers, and powder, and slugs for powder burners.


You just need to try this yourself


Use the 5 shot spring indexed magazine for pellets, slugs up to 168g (depending on length) & round balls; and 'Single shot' for large slugs, darts, and arrows. 

Big Bore Air Guns are NOT the same!

Ammo and parts involving Powder Burning guns (regular firearms) have been tougher to find, making the big bore air guns even more important.

Yes, the Big Bore AirForce Texan 45 or 50 cal rifles can HIT HARDER, and have more stopping power, BUT - the Texan's are also
     a) single shot only,
     b) tough to use in the dark past that first shot (which sucks for home defense), because you can't reload it in the dark,
     c) LONG - at over 48" (not good for home defense),
     d) LOUD,
     e) lots of recoil, more than average 12 gauge,
     f) over twice as expensive to purchase AND OPERATE,  (avg $0.75 to 1.50+ per shot)
     g) heavier (tripod, shot stick, or bench only... unless you're a big strong person), and
     h) tough to 'hold steady' freehand without the props for more than a 'pull up and shoot' scenario.

Those are the reasons I opted to NOT GET the Texan for my purposes.  When I factored the cost (purchase & operation), all other key factors, such as the multiple shots, and portability,  I chose the Bulldog 357.   Honestly, I figured I would rather have TWO bulldog's than ONE Texan! So I do! I have one 'sitting ready' - filled with air, and the magazine loaded, safety on... out of reach of children... but READY FOR MORE THAN six months now. It is kept 'in-doors' and out of the sunlight, and the air pressure hasn't changed since the original slow fill to 3,000 psi. The other I shoot with on the weekends, and occasionally a few rounds during the week, showing them to family & friends. 

Yes, a 50 cal muzzle loader, which my son and a couple friends LOVE, has more power… at a cost of well over $1.50 per shot, to more than $3.00, (slug, powder, wad, cap) PLUS it takes about 10 to 15 seconds for the experienced shooter to reload. Whereas with the Bulldog, once you have the air, costs an average of 0.03 to .50 per shot, depending on your ammo; and, I can accurately shoot 5 shots, AND BE LOADING A SECOND MAGAZINE in those 15 seconds… to SHOOT ANOTHER 5 rounds, before the average muzzle loader shooter is able to get off a second shot.  Which would you rather have for defense, if there was no ammo or supplies to be had? 

168 grain Hollow Points

About 310 fpe (Foot Pounds of Energy)

120 grain Slugs

221 fpe

H&N 140g FTX

FMJ tipped Hollow Point (normal reloading)
Nearly 300 fpe with a SURPRISE!
SLIGHTLY too long for the magazine, must single shot these, and not recommended to shoot more than 1 or 2 without allowing barrel to cool. 

Generally legal for ALL ADULTS


It is NOT a 'firearm' - or regulated by the ATF, though there are some states that have laws and restrictions on these weapons; most states allow anyone over the age of 18 - even a law abiding ex-felon - to own and safely use one of these weapons. 
It can shoot PELLETS, SLUGS, bullets, round balls, darts, and even arrows!

It CAN shoot FMJ, but it's not recommended to shoot more than 1 or 2 in every five shots, because the HEAT generated can be too much. The factory barrel is just a little softer than actual firearms. But it a pinch, it CAN DO IT! 
Many states 'class' them similarly to a 'bow & arrow' ... some, as a 'cross bow' ... so you will need to check THE LAWS IN YOUR STATE to make sure you can legally have it, and how you can legally use it. 

Home Defense in a POWER OUTAGE or other emergency type CRISIS

Personally, I wanted something that was short, manageable, powerful, and FLEXIBLE... that my 60 year old wife could easily use... and practice shooting with, but was also highly effective in the event things got worse, as has happened in parts of this nation; especially with crime rates rising in so many areas. You can have all the guns in the world, but if you can't get ammo, like was the case in much of America in November & December 2020, and is still a major issue in most areas for some calibers... I wanted a solid & effective BACK UP PLAN! Especially if the ammo shortage continued. The Benjamin Bulldog 357 is it! 

PLUS, I wanted something cheap & easy for the family to practice shooting. Something that didn’t have any recoil for my wife, but would be easy for any adult to use without fear of it smacking them in the face, flying out of their hands, or hurting their shoulder.

After months of searching, well over 100 hours,  on the internet, spending more time talking with friends, as well as some weapons experts, then costing things out... after much deliberation, the decision was between the AirForce Texan and the Benjamin Bulldog.

However, it was the flexible ammo options, cost per shot, MULTIPLE SHOT magazines, and easy 15 to 30 shots PER FILL UP that enabled me to chose the Benjamin Bulldog .357. I bought myself one of these, and out of the box, I was impressed that it SHOT THROUGH 3 one gallon milk jugs full of water like it was nothing. Impressed enough that I bought extras, when they became available, as THESE HAVE BEEN SOLD OUT FOR MONTHS AT A TIME... because of what they CAN DO (and what is happening in the country)! 

These Bulldogs will fill many times off a standard scuba tank, just need the adapter & hose if you already have the tanks. Or you could use a high pressure hand pump (It's about 100 pumps per 1,000psi of air in the Bulldog's 340cc hidden tank, and it's recommended to not allow the gun to shoot below about 1,200psi... which means the average re-fill would be about 150 to 180 pumps with a hand pump).

A HP Hand Pump will cost you about $50 to 300, depending on the brand, and type. The better ones are generally about $150 or more (I have a cheap Chinese model, and the Benjamin brand... both work well, but the Benjamin is tougher, thicker, and seems a bit stronger, like it should last a lifetime). OR, you could get yourself a SCUBA tank (generally max 3300psi 80 to 100cf) or SCBA tank (4500psi, 3 to 87cf), or even an HP compressor.  I have each of these, and appreciate being able to fill my own tanks, and filling my aGuns from the tanks. 

The downside with a hand pump is EFFORT, physical work refilling. 150 to 200+ pumps EVERY TIME you want to REFILL it, and it TAKES TIME. But, it works without any power, and is the perfect backup for any doomsday-er.

Since I was a certified scuba diver, I already had a bunch of tanks... and, as long as you keep at least 100psi in them and moisture out of them, the average scuba tank can be refilled thousands of times, and last decades. I personally have some that are OVER 30 years old, and still 100% functional! The downside, they will only fill/re-fill the Bulldog to the full 3,000 psi about 8 to 17 times, depending on how low it is, how big your tank is, and how much it was filled to at the beginning.  My 90cf 3300psi tank was able to do much better than the smaller 80's @3k. 

The downside with the SCBA tank is they have a MAXIMUM LIFE EXPECTANCY of 15 years. PERIOD! Unless you own a compressor and are willing to fill them yourself. The upside, they can be filled to 4500psi... so if you get the 9L (87cf) tank, which is about $500 to 700 with the gauge and hose, you would be able to get a pile of refills out of that one tank. Downside, you have to have someone to fill it (a friend, or scuba shop... the later costs about $8 to 15, depending on geography... regardless of the fill amount.

You can get a good functional high pressure compressor, that can fill up to 4500psi, for about $300 to 600... which can also work off an inverter in your vehicle).  See 'Air Fills' page for more information. 

Personally, I have a hand pump, about 8 scuba tanks, 4 out of date scba tanks, as well as an HP compressor (so I can refill the tanks myself). I also selected the Bulldog because of the wide variety of ammo it is capable of shooting: from pellets to slugs, round balls, 35 caliber (9mm) blow darts, and to even 357 caliber arrows. The Bulldog ships with one 5 shot spring loaded magazine, and you can order a single shot tray to easily load slugs longer than the magazine will allow.  And you can order additional magazines... so you can quickly have more ready in the field. I have shot 6 magazines (30 shots) through ONE AIR FILL... BUT, I would say the last 10 shots weren't good past about 50 FEET, whereas the first 10 are good for 150 to 200 YARDS! Huge difference. The Bulldog is NOT REGULATED, meaning the 'amount of air' (power) is reduced slightly with EACH SHOT. 

You will only need to fill it with air (the manufacturer does NOT recommend shooting it with less than about 1200psi, so you will NEED TO FILL IT, and that will require you to choose HOW and purchase that option separately). 

Bottom five photos (above) are my personal rifle, with 10 extra PRE-LOADED mags 

4 mags with pellets, 2 - 120g slugs, 2 - 168g hollow points, 2 with a mixture of high impact stopping power. Plus I have a single shot try, some FMJ slugs, some 9mm darts, and 28" sleeved arrows. 

2-stage non-adjustable trigger (stage 1=2 lbs., stage 2=3 lbs.) really helps with accuracy. 

I didn't opt for an expensive scope, but I wanted something that would work well, and could be 'set and forget' sorta deal, so I bought a a 6-24x50mm illuminated etched glass scope, plus a touch sensitive GREEN LASER pointer (the laser turns on when I press the GRIP in front of the trigger, and will project in broad daylight, up to 2,000 feet away... talk about cool and intimidating).

The bipod spring loaded, and has independently adjustable legs. The swivel strap makes packing it, and shooting standing easier.  I've added the machined trapezoid threaded end to the barrel, so the Donny FL moderators (Ronin or Emperor) fit without issue for the quietest shots possible. I prefer to keep it in a 36" padded case; with the aGun filled with air, magazine ready, and safety on... so in an emergency it's READY TO ROCK!  So I do not leave the moderator on the Bulldog in that short case. 

No, that is NOT ME (or any relation to me) in any of the videos... just good videos, I've linked to from ewwTube, demonstrating the power and flexibility of this weapon.  I've shot mine through 4 - one gallon jugs of water, like a hot knife through butter. Not yet sure how many it could have gone through (will be trying that soon). 

Example of the Penetration Power


Benefits of this weapon:

a very viable and lethal solution. It can even deal quite comfortably with big-game due to its big-bore caliber and powerful pre-charged pneumatic mechanism.

You get a very compact and maneuverable gun with lots of power. DURABLE SYNTHETIC DESIGN -
with a short 36-inch overall length ,  but nearly 28" long rifled barrel, Ambidextrous synthetic stock, Rubber recoil pad, and less than 8lbs total, before adding accessories.  

Air Reservoir

340cc built in reservoir, bullpup configurationcan be easily filled to 3,000psi from a scuba tank!


26-inch top, 5.5 inch bottom front, rails - for scope, light or laser, or bipod - or accessories you choose. 


one easy solution to the noise problem could be to get an aftermarket moderator made for this gun, which can help make it even quieter; and it's currently legal for aGuns. 

Home Defense

Given its power, precision, and ease of use, it is a viable home defense weapon. Since it can comfortably deal with big-game, it should certainly have an impact on a dangerous intruder.

Example of the STOPPING POWER


~ REVERSIBLE - For left or right-handed shooters with lever safety
~ Manual Safety
~ 2-stage non-adjustable trigger (stage 1=2 lbs., stage 2=3 lbs.)


For big bore sound suppression, they used a trapezoid shaped suppressor; however, you can also add after market Sound Suppressor, like DonnyFL. 


This Big Bore rifle can shoot 'single' shots... larger slugs, darts, arrows... but it can also use the 5 shot spring indexed magazine for pellets, shorter slugs, even round balls.


Video's of the Bulldog .357 taking down game from the size of ground hogs to bison and water buffalo. Hogs & Deer are no problem! 

No Powder, Primers, or Bullets!

With this weapon, you can cast your own pellets, round balls, or slugs.  The rifled barrel helps you with distance and accuracy. 


The  'speed' of the projectile depends on weight (of projectile)you're shooting, and the AIR PRESSURE. Average for the first 15 shots is about 700 to 910 feet per second. A cool 'fpe' calculator here


The main firing mechanism is positioned behind the trigger, rather than above; thus allowing this aGun to be much shorter than other rifles with similar muzzle velocities.


Make no mistake, this is a WEAPON, and like a compound bow or cross bow, can be deadly.  So, common sense and responsibility are necessary.  

Scopes & Sights

Unless you're hunting with it - you really don't need a 'scope' or sights if you're experienced shooting... I can hit a 'lowes pail' 10 of 10 times at 25 yards without sights. A scope is only necessary if you are 'targeting' something over about 25 yards, and require a tighter grouping. The 'point & shoot' is pretty natural.

Accuracy depends on the distance, weight of slug, etc. but at 100 yards, 2 to 3" groups are real possible.

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The air rifle sold here has NOT been shot, and IS BRAND NEW! 

What are the differences: 

The "Basic" is JUST WHAT YOU GET FROM THE FACTORY, PLUS A shoulder strap. 

The "Regular" adds a bipod, 'green dot' sight... and 25 high speed pellets to get you started, once you have air. 

The "Premium" upgrades to a 6-24x50mm Tactical Illuminated scope, with etched reticles, and user choice of none, green, or red illumination. With a focus, and zoom that adjusts.  PLUS 25 each of two ADDITIONAL SLUGS. 

You’ll need to attach the sites/scope (if you bought that package), and get it sighted in. I’d suggest getting it bore sited, then ‘lock it down’ at the distance you are planning to shoot the most, and with the help of a spotter, ‘adjusting it’ from there. It took about 3 to 6 shots to get each of our scopes ‘fine tuned.’ 


which means it has a repeat fire mode. Another words, you don’t have to keep loading rounds into the chamber every time you want to fire the rifle.


Delivers up to 930 fps the first round you fire; then, round after round, the psi will lower, and you’ll finally achieve about 670 fps at 2000 psi on your last shot.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us,  thanks!


a) if there is zero ‘pressure’ (on the gauge), you’ll need to ‘hold open the bolt’ (all the way) when you first START to fill with air, to build pressure.,

b) if there is SOME AIR in, just hook up the hose, and fill slowly – so as to not over heat. Remember, COLD AIR is more dense than hot air (i.e., MORE SHOTS in the same amount of pressure, just like scuba tanks).

Limitations of WHERE we can ship to:

Because of the current laws, We do NOT SHIP TO New Jersey, Rhode Island, Illinois, Michigan, Connecticut, or DC; and those in California or New York may require proof of age, and valid ID. Check the laws or permissions to use this in other countries.

Care & Storage of your Benjamin Air Rifle

I believe it's like a 'scuba' first stage... keep the o-rings 'dry OR lubed' - out of the sun light and high temperatures - and they will last for many many years. 

I've personally been playing with a couple of my personal Benjamin's for the last few months, and I've had one 'fully aired up' and 'ready' for more than 6 months, without any pressure loss or issue. 

357 pellets & slugs are pretty inexpensive.

I bought a LEE PRO- Pot, holds 20# of lead, and a 357 - 6 cavity mold - so I can make my own slugs... I picked 120g and 168 grain (first cause there are more per pound, the later because that's about the biggest I've found that can fit in the magazine still).

Modern Black Powder still requires powder & caps... and will cost you about $1.50 to 3.00 per shot... and takes about 10 to 20 SECONDS to load, plus has a limited time they can 'stand ready' (depending on the humidity in the air, and seals on the wad & breach area. I've had one aGun 'at full pressure' for more than 6 months now, without issue. Not many Black Powder Guns (MDBPGs) can do that. And this aGun costs me under $0.14 cents to shoot... once I had the ability to deal with the air.

I did look, seriously at the MDBPG, but even my friends that recast their slugs are spending over a $1.00 per shot, and taking 10 to 15 seconds to reload BETWEEN SHOTS. In that time, I can have off 5 lethal shots, reloading a mag, for another 5 in less time than they can get off two shots. They would absolutely have more range, but 'inside a home' and 'sitting at the ready' - which is more practical, IF there is no ammo, powder, or primers?? 

I honestly don't believe there will be a 'civil war' - especially not in the conservative states/areas... but the reality that crime WILL CREEP if the power is shut down for long, if the food supply is interrupted for long... if gas is off for long... is a real concern. I don't WANT TO have to shoot anyone, but do want methods and means to protect myself & loved ones, and my property.  


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